Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No Birthday S*x...

Umayaw na ata si Mama. Ate on FB

Ano nangyari? I replied back

Sabi ni Mang*, umiiyak daw si dad na umalis sa bahay kanina. Ate (We call our lolo's brother's wife Mang)

Hala, I texted dad this morning para sa greeting niya sakin kahapon. ME

Ano sabi mo? Ate

Wait, forward ko sa'yo. ME

Asan na? Ate after a few seconds.

HALA! Nasend ko ulit kay dad! ME

Tange! Ate


All Souls Day.

Happy birthday K. Dad

I didn't reply, like when Mama greeted or Ate or even SHE. It has been a habit of mine to spend my birthday alone. It was my chance to reflect (korny, I know) on what have I done and if I still want to go where I want to. It was ME day, mine alone.

I don't know. I guess its the solace and silence that I want more than the whole brouhaha of parties - I'm a home buddy after all...

And HE? He knows I do birthdays alone that's why WE celebrated September. HE calls my day "Selfish Day" and insisted for the past years that we do something together, but to no avail... HE got over it eventually but HE still greets me "Happy Selfish Day! :)" (at least my smiley... hahaha). And HE was with SHE and the twins for a week since it was the twin's break from school plus they had to visit the dead on SHE's side so all is well...


Wait, send ko ulit sa'yo. ME

Ok. Ate


There, got it? ME

Oo - ang drama! ATE

Reverse psych lng - baka matamaan. ME

Pwede, but I'm not betting on it. Call Mama and don't tell her I told you. Ate

As if she doesn't already know. ME

Hahahaha. Basta, huwag mo na lang sabihin na directly galing sa akin, "my-nabanggit-si-Ate" ang drama mo, ok? Ate

You know that won't work - hahaha. ME

Former boyfriend is calling me. Call me after you call Mama. Ate

Ay - honeymoon mo nga pala - hahaha. Enjoy much! Love you both! ME

I for one thought that everything was okay with Mama and dad already. But I guess, Mama can only tolerate as much. 


3 November

Thanks sa griting dad. U know well that ur our dad no matter wat - and I am praying that you give that importance and respect because we do... I texted dad.

Dad didn't reply.


Mama's okay - she's strong. ME said after Ate picked up MY call.

Ano sabi niya sa'yo? Ate

She said kailangan nya lang i-assert yung sarili nya - to remind dad who she is. ME

Ah - so she re-marked her territories lang ganun? Ate

Ginawa mo namang aso si Mama - adik. Pero ganun na nga - hahaha. ME

Pero sabi ni Mang, sabi daw ni Mama nung nag-goodbye si dad for work ay huwag siyang babalik hanggang di niya hinihiwalayan yung babae. Ate

Alam mo, duda na ako diyan kay Mang, aba may super hearing powers! Hahahaha. ME

Hahahaha - and to think sa kabilang gate siya nakatira! Ate

Tama! Ano? Okay na tayo? ME

Hindi - pero like before, this too shall pass, right? Ate

Yes, it will... Hala, tama na ito at balik ka na sa paggawa ng una kong pamangkin! ME

Oo na, eto na, nakapatong na. Ate



HE had me delivered Jobee Chicken Spag the night after my birthday.

Dipping the crispy skin into the sauce, I received a text.

It was from my dad.

You were very clear the first time you sent the text son, no need to resend it. dad

I didn't reply.

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