Sunday, February 26, 2012

Not Another Student Please...

Remember this?


Nasa school ka na?  O7-000001. It was 3 AM

Papunta pa lang. ME

Ok. See you.  O7-000001

I forgot that he was a student leader and was required to participate in the University's strategic planning.

No. Definitely No. ME said to myself in a mantra.


It could not happen and will not happen, whatever it is that's supposed to happen. Why?

1. All faculty are there.
2. All faculty are there.

The school director would have my head if ever we were caught.


I love my job. I love my job. I repeated to myself as I entered school

I went straight to the faculty room where several professors were already waiting.

K Sir P ako sakay mamya going to the venue - will save you a seat.  O7-000001 texted.

Naku,  Sir R already asked me to ride with him. ME replied.

Sir R haven't asked me. In fact, I did not even know his face. As I teach part-time only on weekdays, I do not interact or see the other faculty. Sir R was just the first name I saw in the roster posted on the wall.

May sasakyan na ba si Sir R?  O7-000001

Sh*t. ME thought

None, sakay kami dun sa rented van. ME defended

I assumed there was a rented van and good thing - there was. Whew.


We didn't interact much the whole day since we were in different working groups - ME was with the business group and   O7-000001 was with the rest of the student representatives.

It would have been smooth sailing but then, night came.

The room assignments were posted: the training team grouped ME with the students kasi daw baka ayaw ko maki-room sa matatanda na (they considered me a "young" faculty).

Naku Sir, kina  O7-000001 ka na lang kundi hindi ka talaga makakatulog sa hilik ni Sir R. Ms. B

Mas lalong hindi ako makakatulog kung katabi ko si   O7-000001. ME thought

And as fates would have it - ME was right: I did not sleep that night, nor did   O7-000001.


ME went to the quarters and to our room when everyone were still out and about with swimming and drinking.

ME thought I could force myself to sleep and when O7-000001 does come to bed, ME would not notice.

ME was wrong.

My senses were all suddenly hyped.

I could hear every footstep and every door opening.

Sh*t. ME said to self.

And then O7-000001 came in.

I shifted to my side and faced the wall.

The lights were turned off.


No movement.

Okay. ME thought.  Maybe he'll behave.

ME was again wrong.

O7-000001 embraced ME. But his fists were clenched - there was hesitation.

ME pretended ME was asleep.

O7-000001 moved closer.

ME dared not move.

ME could feel everything that's needed to be felt in his body.

At varying points O7-000001 would touch my toes with his - waiting for a signal.

ME was tempted.

O7-000001 would also move his hand towards his privates and "gear" it to a more comfortable position as he was really growing already. He would brush my butt in the process.

We went like this for what seemed like forever: O7-000001 dry humping and ME just laid there like a log.

He would attempt to reach my (also growing) privates but thank God there was a pillow in between my legs.

He would also blow soft air at my back - it sends shivers but I persevered and thought of naked girls and boobies instead.

Siguro along the way O7-000001 got tired and shifted to his side of the bed.

ME was relieved.


O7-000001 cannot be.

ME have convinced myself that its wrong.

And hopefully, with my log-ish behavior to his advances - he gets the idea already.


Blue balls though...

And just eww on the whole boobies bit.