Monday, April 12, 2010

And IT began...

How did it happen?

How did we come do this?

Madalas ayaw ko na lang isispin kasi wala din ako maisip na isagot.

Kung tatanungin ako kung masaya ako - well, we do have our moments together.

Hindi din naman natin ma-ikakala na sa lahat ng relasyon, hindi naman puro saya lang.

If we are going to weigh things, more often than not, mas marami siguro yung arguments... yung tampuhan... yung di pagkakaintindihan...

Pero look, we're still us - trying so hard to work things out.

Iniisip ko na lang minsan na the good times offset the bad ones in a ratio of 1:5.



I woke up with you gone one morning.

I have to get use to this from now on, I thought.

I know I'm supposed to be secondary and my demands are too.

What I would have done to wake up to you every morning - the thought lingered.

I scavenged for my underwear - I couldn't find it.

So on to my drawers to pull out a pair, and there it was, half of the drawer space was filled with your boxers.

Reality set in, I have allowed you IN - in more ways than one, you are now part of me...


"I don't wear underwear" He

I was about to offer you a pair of mine as your boxers was used to uhmmm... uhmmm... Well it was used - period.

But you didn't want to.

The next thing I knew, you were washing your boxers on the lavatory.

"Next time you come over, bring extra clothes and undies na rin so you don't always have to wear mine - not that I mind pero maarte ka kasi sa mga bagay-bagay." ME

"Buti alam mo.." HE with a grin painted on his face.


"Where are we going?" ME

"Rob, my bibilhin lang ako" HE

First stop was the supermarket.

HE started, "Now, listen and take notes -"

"I use double blade, manual - ayaw ko kung 'tematic, I always get the feeling na anytime, hihigupin ako ng razor. Colgate Total - pag ibang toothpaste naduduwal ako. Bioderm - high school pa lang ako, sabon ko na 'to, its more of the history that I share with the soap more than anything - naging saksi 'tong sabon na 'to sa pagtubo ng mga buhok sa kilikili at kwan ko - hehe..."

"You're enjoying this aren't you." It was ME

"Syempre naman... Saka po kung maglalagi ako sa'yo, you should at least know my preference, sabi ko nga sa'yo nung una pa - all cards on the table dapat." HE

"So, balak mong 'maglagi' sa akin?" ME

HE looked left, then right and then me... And then he planted a kiss on my lips.

"Hope that answers that --" HE

Perfectly, I thought.

"Razor, Toothpaste, Soap and Boxers - dun lang ako particular. All else, cowboy na ako dun." HE

"Good." ME

"O, your turn." HE

"You'll find out - so ano, frozen meat na tayo for your bacon?" ME

"Hahahahahaha - yes please." HE


I put my undies on. And headed for coffee.

"Morning. Coffee's brewing, bacon's on the way and where's my kiss?" HE

I gave him a peck on the cheek.

"Good morning." ME

This, this is why I hold on. I thought.