Monday, November 24, 2014

So Let it Remain...

SHE and I met the other day - the usual exchange of gifts: ME for the Twins and SHE for ME.


You look thinner. Training was good on you. SHE said

M is good for ME. ME replied.

And that. SHE said as we laughed together

I miss you and the twins. ME said

As do we - so does HE. SHE said

Kailangan mai-singit? Hahaha! ME said

Because its the truth. SHE

I'm trying to forget because it still awfully hurts. ME tried to smile.

Don't. SHE

Don't what? ME

Don't forget - sayang yung pain. Pain can be a great "re-framer" - you wouldn't have seen the value of things the way you see them now if it weren't for that pain. SHE said in one breath.

ME looked at SHE in the eye and I am grateful again for her and having met her.

You are... You are... ME couldn't continue because ME was tearing up already at this point.

All ME could manage was a mouthed "Thank you" and that was all we both needed.


Here's to friendship!

P.S: Happy Holidays All!