Thursday, April 14, 2016

Nope, Not ME Please...

HE's lying. You know how HE is.

The text was from an unregistered number. I presume it was from J.

I don't want any of this. I'm not about to be tangled in an [ex] lover's brawl.

As far as I'm concerned, this is their issue. Not mine.

No ME.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

About J (Again)...

J's giving it to his classmate. HE said over the phone.

The what? What is this about again? ME said on the other line.

J. The things he's been getting from me, he's giving it to a classmate. HE

Okay. Is this good or bad? ME

The stealing is bad. But what's worse I think is that they're more than classmates. HE

Ha? Assumptions mo? ME

Hindi. I saw it. I smelled it. HE

Kanino? ME

Sa kalaguyo niya. They do group studies sa bahay - pero may mga kasama naman silang iba. HE

Me was silent.

Right under my nose. Crazy. HE

Are you crying? ME said.

HE was silent.

Uy? Tama na yan. Tanga ka kasi. Pero pogi naman. ME said.

I'm breaking it off. HE said.

You better. ME said.

Thanks. Mostly for the pogi bit. HE.

Don't mention it. ME.

The line went dead.


HE probably deserved this.

(evil laugh)

But really, poor guy.

And that's sincere.