Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Office Visit...

J was sitting in the office lobby - a vase of succulents in his hands.

He stood up when he saw ME - smiled and waived.

"I honestly am surprised - siguro just follow me to my work station muna." ME said to J.

"Yeah, I'm sorry for coming unannounced pero hindi ka kasi nagreply sa last na text ko." J said en route to my work station.

"And this should merit you coming here?" ME

"Easy on the kasungitan." J said grinning. J has a nice grin.

"I sound like that on a regular basis." ME

"Alright -alright. These are for you." J handing me the succulents.

"Ayaw ko - para saan?" ME said (like a virginal high schooler)

"Hahaha. HE was right - you're naive." J

"Look, just get it. Its my apology for all things HE. It'll make me feel less guilty." J

"Ah. HE said that? Well, okay naman ako - matagal naman na akong okay. Wala naman dapat pa pag-usapan." ME

"Okay. I felt lang na I needed to say it personally." J

"Well, you've said it." ME

"I did. Yeah... So, yeah - I'm going." J

"Yeah. Salamat para sa mga cactus." ME

"Hahahaha. You're welcome. You're funny. It's cute." J smiled again.

ME waived goodbye to J, sat on my chair and placed the succulents on top of my actionable files.