Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Office Visit...

J was sitting in the office lobby - a vase of succulents in his hands.

He stood up when he saw ME - smiled and waived.

"I honestly am surprised - siguro just follow me to my work station muna." ME said to J.

"Yeah, I'm sorry for coming unannounced pero hindi ka kasi nagreply sa last na text ko." J said en route to my work station.

"And this should merit you coming here?" ME

"Easy on the kasungitan." J said grinning. J has a nice grin.

"I sound like that on a regular basis." ME

"Alright -alright. These are for you." J handing me the succulents.

"Ayaw ko - para saan?" ME said (like a virginal high schooler)

"Hahaha. HE was right - you're naive." J

"Look, just get it. Its my apology for all things HE. It'll make me feel less guilty." J

"Ah. HE said that? Well, okay naman ako - matagal naman na akong okay. Wala naman dapat pa pag-usapan." ME

"Okay. I felt lang na I needed to say it personally." J

"Well, you've said it." ME

"I did. Yeah... So, yeah - I'm going." J

"Yeah. Salamat para sa mga cactus." ME

"Hahahaha. You're welcome. You're funny. It's cute." J smiled again.

ME waived goodbye to J, sat on my chair and placed the succulents on top of my actionable files.



  1. Replies
    1. It felt weird and confusing too. :)

  2. ang pagdalaw hehehe :-)

    1. Unang pagdalaw ko. Sana hindi maging buwanan. Hehehe.

  3. Long time reader, first time to comment. Sana sir makuha ko ang lakas ng loob nyo. Sa lahat ng napagdaanan nyo tuloy pa rin ang pag-ikot ng mundo. Salute.

    1. In my head, there are 9 people reading this blog. Now it's 10- thank you. Or 11 counting ME. Hehehe.

      Meron yan, you just have to decide to let courage out. It's there - like it has always been - waiting to burst!