Tuesday, June 28, 2016

In the End...

J went to see you. HE

That's supposed to be a question. ME

No - its a statement. Bakit hindi mo sinabi sa akin? HE

Bakit? Para saan? I don't think i'm obligated to tell you anything. ME

HE just looked at ME.

You're right. You're not obligated. There was that familiar defeat in HE's voice.

I don't want to make it any bigger than it is. J dropped by to say sorry. Yun lang tapos umalis na siya. ME

It's your fault you know. HE

Oh? Bakit ako na naman, ang tahimik ng buhay ko. Huwag ako. ME

All the things J did, he was seeking attention. Attention that I was not giving. Kasi ikaw naman talaga - in the end ikaw talaga K. Ikaw naman talaga ang mahal ko. HE

ME stopped and turned to HE.

It's not the end so its not ME. Huwag ako. Ano b?! Okay na ako. Of course I love you pero hindi ko na kakayanin pa ulit yung mga eksena natin. ME

You love M that much? HE

M's the reason I can talk to you and be here in the same room. The last two-three years with M has gave me a lifetime of peace that we both can never give each other. ME

But you don't love him as much. HE insinuated.

Love who? SHE butted in when SHE entered the kitchen.

HE and ME just looked at each other.

Oh eh di magsikretohan kayo. Sanay ako. Hahaha. SHE Laughed.

ME smirked.

Okay lang hindi ko malaman, pero please lang, huwag na kayong magbalikan. Huwag ako - hindi ko kaya ang stress niyong dalawa ulit. SHE procalimed.

Hahahahahahahahaha! HE let out a very hearty laugh.

Noted Madam! ME said and laughed too.


It's not the first time HE hinted on wanting to get back together.

But really,  the adult thing to do is not base decisions on the amount of love.

Whether more or less, any love, any amount of love, can be nourished. In time, it will amass so much that it overpowers your first love or your second and it will be the only love you will ever need.



  1. That last line....

    Thank you, for sharing this.

    1. I'm happy we both can relate to this. :)

  2. You are right, it's not even about having love for each other anymore, but peace of mind.

    Something that we can always appreciate when we get home to our new partner.

    1. Yes, I would rather have that too. :)

  3. that last line though... love love love!!!

  4. Wow naman.. This will def help me on the process of moving on

    1. I'm glad to be of help. I hope the moving forward is going well. :)