Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The BOTTOM Line with Sir...

Finding answers are easy, the challenge is to ask questions.

So, it has been tradition that during the start of the semester, my students get to exercise their question-making abilities. This time, they get to ask me any question, so here goes.

Help me God.

Q: Have you been in a relationship with a girl? How did it go? How long have you been in this relationship?
A: Woah! Talaga namang sinamantala niyo ang pagkakataon. LOL! I have had only ONE girlfriend. It was on my fourth year at Saint L***s (No, she's not a schoolmate). Her name was Me-Anne. "Me" was my endearment to her - she calls me "My-K" (Funny, people I have a relationship with use possessives to endear me, I know someone who calls me "K Ko" -- hehehe, I miss you by the way - you know who you are. Going back, we (Me-Anne and My-K) lasted about 8 months. I guess immaturity was the perfect excuse for the break-up. Have we kissed? Did we more than kiss? Too bad that wasn't asked - mas masaya sanang sagutin yun. Hehehe

A: I'm sorry, I can't. But I will vow to equip you with practical knowledge for your future FULL-TIME JOB.

Q: Ano ang unang pinakamahalagang tanong sa isang empleyadong nag-aaply?
A: The first question I ask is "Why?" and I leave it to the applicant to qualify the question. This way, I can readily asses her rationality and how she prioritizes.

Q: Define love.
A: This is obviously a command more that a question hence, we shall strike it as null and void. Hahahahahaha!

Q: Ang pagkawala ba ng virginity ng isang bababe ay nakakababa ba ng dignidad? Bakit normal na lang sa mga kabataan ang pakikipag 'sex'? Up to what extent kaya mong pigilan ang temptation?
A: Issue pa ba ang virginity? Hahahaha. Subjective masyado yung tanong kaya para sa akin - hindi. Ang dignidad ay hindi kailanman pwedeng sukatin ng kasikipan ng keps. Yun. Also, I feel that the closeting of the topic of sex makes the youth more intrigued about it and hence, exploration begins. And in regards to temptation, I welcome it - hahahahaha. Pero kung committed ako to someone, temptation is but a dust that could easily be swept (kaya I hate commitments e - hahahaha)

Q: Gaano kahirap pag-aralan ang Obligations and Contracts?
A: Sandali - Training and Development ang class natin HINDI ObliCon - mali ka ng classroom hijo.

Q: Sir, What age are you planning to get married?
A: Bukas lang - hahahaha.

Q: Sir, in the future... gugustuhin nyo po bang magkaroon ng sariling anak? AS IN DUGO'T LAMAN...
A: Parang sobrang concerned nyo sa FUTURE ko. Candidly, OO naman - who wouldn't di ba? For any person to be given the responsibility of another persons' life would be one heck of a ride I bet.

Q: What do you do when your sad?
A: Make other people laugh - parang naiibsan kasi nung tawa nung iba yung kalungkutan ko. Kung wala akong mapatawa, I resort to (over)eating chocolates.

Q: What will make you happy and what will make you cry?
A: When people show that they remember me - even  in the tiniest of efforts - that makes me happy. And when my hands get held in way na parang hindi na ito bibitawan kahit kelan. And I cry when people cheat on me - ayokong niloloko kasi hindi ako yung taong nanloloko.

Q: When does absence takes place?
A: I don't think it does - we leave parts and parcels of ourselves in places, in things and in people... There is no absence because absence is also a presence...

Yun - I have about 160 students and their questions will be posted when I feel like it again.


Sit-in ka one time.


  1. Hay nako sir, mag-set up ka na nang formspring. :))

    and again, i must say this.. i'm jealous of you and your relationship.. :D

    good day.

  2. sige nga, i'll sit in one time. saan? :D

  3. k crashandburn: hahaha - pwede. and you make it sound like i have a relationship with the relationship per se and not HE - bwahahaha... its not the most ideal - but we survive - :)... have a good day too.

    k engel: serious? hala - i didn't think there would be any takers... :)