Tuesday, October 26, 2010

HE vs ME... 1

WE have a lot of differences, but funny thing, there's always something that ties us together.


HE: Never drinks straight from the beer bottle - HE's gay that way. Hahahaha. HE always have to have a glass.

ME: Loves to grip the bottle and hoist it up my mouth - and I'm gay that way too. Hahahaha. I don't know if its just me, but I stand firm in asserting that beer taste's better straight from its bottle.

WE both love beer with our lives and more, it becomes a match made in heaven with leche flan and ube - OUR all-time favorite pulutan (YES! It topples cracklings or sisig or dingdong!). The sweetness just explodes in your palette after the bitterness of beer.

PS: It was during the last day of my final examinations last week that the above beers, leche flan, and ube were mercilessly devoured. After which, ME got mercilessly devoured as well - yay!

PPS: WE like drinking on the floor, its kinda been our "thing" long since HE moved in. HE says, his butt gets fired up when HE drinks and the coldness of the tiled floor helps suppress the heat. (Malibog kasi talaga pwetan niya. Hehehe.)


  1. Beer and leche flan? or ube? Bago yan ah! Never thought of it. It has always been pizza and beer for me. But ma-try nga yan!

  2. k kryptonite: naku, i'm not sure if beerflan or beerube is for everyone - but you're sure welcome to try... :)

  3. Kaloyyy!! I hope you did well in your exams =)

    Mukhang pasado ka naman ata sa pinaka importanteng test.


  4. beer with leche flan. sounds like a great idea.

    will try that one of these days.


  5. k kaneee!!: i hope so too... :)

    k engle: naku ulit, sabi ko nga kay kryptonite, baka its not for everyone but i would love to hear how it went for you - just in case you do try... :)

  6. hay, i'm jealous.

    saktong binasa ko pa to kagabi bago matulog. haha

  7. k crashandburn: no fret - there will be someone and i bet, we're going to be jealous too... :)