Tuesday, December 7, 2010


My boss is not taking my resignation seriously.

I gave it by end of October but lo and behold, its mid-December and I'm still sitting on my chair staring at the bulk of work that needs to be done before the year ends.

To think, other officers were given my tasks already too...


I could choose to not just go to work, but I owe my boss more than that - he, after all, gave me a chance when others did not see the slightest potential in me...

But I'm tired.

Alam ko naman na may mas pagod pa sa akin...

At may mas nangangailangan pa ng pahinga...

But I think I've exhausted all my happy thoughts already just to get through a day...


7-11 -> School. Teaching.

1-5 -> Work.

6-10 -> School. Learning.


Pwede sigurong mapagod ano... ME to ME

Pero sandali, kailangan i-isked natin... ME to ME

Natawa na lang ako.


Eh si HE? Asan?

HE is with the twins until the  New Year.

Its the Holiday Season.

Di ba mas masaya naman talaga kung meron si nanay at tatay pag Pasko?

I don't want to take that away from the twins...

SHE offered that I join them for Noche Buena pero I declined na out of courtesy, I know naman that the parents shall be there and the siblings...

Wag na SHE, besides, what will we tell them this time? I'm not even the twin's ninong... Hehehe... ME

We don't need to tell them anything you know... SHE

Wag na, i'll be spending it with my Mom... ME

Ikaw, basta the offer stands... HE would be glad... SHE

I was tempted, pero its going to be too awkward just in case.


So I mustered the courage to talk with the boss.

Why do you still keep me sir? ME

You're excited to leave us K... Boss

You know very well what I mean Sir... ME

I like you around. I get a sense of comfort when I see you in your chair... Boss

You are being too kind Sir. Your officers are very much capable to do what I do for you... ME

No - not everything you do for me K... Boss

And then he gives me 'the' look.

Oh gawd. I thought. It was one night...


No. I'm not going to the details.

It did not mean anything (Hala, parang excuse lang ng asawang huling-huli sa akto...)

It was the time when SHE miscarried and HE went through one of his phases...

Overtime with the boss... Hot and Spicy chicken wings... Plus a couple of beers... Equals a night that you should forget...

God? Why do these things happen to me? And why was there beer anyway?



It's time Sir, you and I both know that - I can do no more... ME

You can if you wanted too. Boss

But I don't Sir. ME

Very well... Boss

"Very well" is my boss' cue that he concedes to what I want...


Today, I finally got a letter from the HR accepting my resignation by December's end (Hinayaan ko na 'to, what's a couple of weeks more, db? At least I could clear up my desk by then...)

But reading through it, the letter also stated that the company is keeping me for 'Consultancy' on a project-based basis.


Will talk to HE first and muster another courageous feat to talk with the boss.


But first, I think I should give Jack a call...

Bad K.


Pero pagod ako.

And HE doesn't even know what a "lamig" is...

So spare me.




  1. eeeeeeee!

    sleeping with the boss!


    (ma-try nga yun lolz)

  2. nice one. sleeping with the boss :))

  3. hope you get your 'rest' soon.

    and good job with the boss thing. :P

  4. k Eternal Wanderer...: I'm not exactly proud of it... Hehehe... Feeling ko it was the suits more than the beers that did the trick (menatplay.com anyone?)... :)

    k crashandburn: No, no, no... not nice... and it will never happen again... i think... hehehe... :)

    k engel: I'm not betting on it but hey - 'tis the season right? the boss is actually kind - but too kind sometimes... :)

  5. Wow kaloy. You mentioned the word pagod and sigh a million times in this entry.

    You okay? You sound bad. =(


  6. k Kane: i think i'm okay, not all bad - i just really need a breather... but the holidays are coming up - shall look forward to sleeping all day... thanks much. :)

  7. speechless..hahahaha...di lang mistress kundi napromote pa as boss' "close friend" ...tinatalo mo na si gretchen or should i say..tinalo