Monday, August 30, 2010

Recto-han Na Naman...

HE and ME have a favorite third wheel - Jack.

Jack's not exactly - uhmmm -

Well, Jack's a...

Now, how do I put it...

He's a callboy.


And we had a chance to meet up with Jack again  during one of our Quiapo exploits.


So HE and ME went to Quiapo over the weekend to play yet again another scavenger hunt.

WE hunt for whatever - from Gumamela inspired socks, briefs, towels to Chinitos sizes 4, 5, 6, 7 .

Loser gets to bottom.


So there we were- and most appropriately, scavenger hunt were for DVDs this time:

1. Funny Girl
2. The Queen
3. Elizabeth
4. Somewhere in Time
5. Roman Holiday
6. Sex and the City 2

The first three came from ME and the rest from HIM - we only exchanged list when we got there.

Lo and behold, 60% into my list when I received a text:

I c u po. It was a number.

I ignored the text and went on.

Number calling.

If this is one of your ploy to distract me - its not working. ME

Ngek. Ano naman po kaya yun? Jack po 'to. Jack

Jack! Recto Jack? ME

Hahahaha - opo. Yun nga po. Jack

Uy - kumusta na? San ka? ME

Pa-punta na po work. Nakita lang po kita kaya yun. Jack

Ah - dun ka pa rin pala. ME

Oo nga po eh - okay naman po dun. Jack

Good. ME

Off ko po bukas. Baka gusto nyo po pamasahe ni kuya mamaya, libre po ako. Jack

Masahe daw o... I thought.

Sir? Jack

O, sige-sige. Puntahan k namin mamaya. ME


What can I say about Jack - aside from the fact that his HANDS are a gift from gods...

When Jack touches you, its like there's more than two hands on your  body - sometimes I even wonder if he uses his feet...

Ganun siya - he pushes, presses and caresses the right places and often times, all at the same time...

And more than the boom boom pow after  (which is equally satisfying thank you very much...), its the massage that keeps me going back to Jack.


27 minutes later, I was munching on a peach mango pie when HE arrived.

Meron ako lahat except Funny Girl. HE

Oh - you win. Wala akong Funny Girl saka SATC2. ME

Hahaha - DVD challenge goes to ME! HE attempting to do the giling-giling dance.

Huy, tigil mo nga yan - umayos ka. Hehehe. ME

Sa wakas - nanalo din ako - akin ang QUIAPO! HE

OA na... Guess who saw me kanina? ME

My mom? HE

Well, unless your mom is 4 decades younger na and have grown a really large penis - then yes, I saw your mom. ME

Oo na, kaw na funny. HE as he took a bite of my pie.

Remember Jack? ME

Recto Jack? HE

Hahaha - oo, siya nga. Game ka. ME

Oo ba, sarap kaya ng kamay nun. HE


Off we went to Isetan...

As we were 3 hours early before closing time, we decided to check if there was any good movie we could see.

There was none.

So we bought 2 sodas and a popcorn instead.

And not even half way into my soda, a group of kids approached us - the other one I think was barely out of elementary while the two others admitted they were in third year high school (but judging from the looks of things, they're either out of school or on their first year high school still...).

Ano po ba hanap nyo? It was Stefano - the tallest of the group, in his cargo shorts, blue topman-ish shirt, slippers and anime hair dyed to a blonde.

My hinihintay lang kami. ME

Ah ... Tamang-tama po - para hindi kayo mainip baka gusto nyong gumimik muna tayo. Joel spoke - he was almost as tall as Stefano with his maong shorts, polo shirt and in what appears to be a pair of havs (appears kasi parang kulang ng "a" ung spelling - havianas ba...)

My alam po kami, malapit lang. Kahit kaming tatlo pa - hindi po kayo magsisisi. Nilo said - the youngest - as he rubbed his crotch against my back

HE and ME looked at each other. HE gave me that what-the-hell is happening stare he has.

Ang babata nyo pa ah. HE

Sariwa sir, hindi bata. Stefano

Kayo sir, ayaw nyo ba nito? Joel pulled out his now hard thingy and grabbed my hand to touch it. There were barely pubes.

Kung gusto nyo naman sir, pwedeng panuorin nyo lang kami... Nilo

I fell silent. The kids talked as if they have been in their trade for so long already. And their audacity to readily pull out their dicks and have them rubbed or rub them at some strangers back is appalling. And all this in public even. I mean, I have been to Isetan before and have had  more than my share of the boys there - but not this young, not this bold -

Uwi na kayo - wala kayong mapapala sa mga tao dito. HE said as he gave Stefano a bill of money.

I have to confess - youth inspires me. But seeing them so young with such confidence at what they were offering was "bothering" to say the least. The kids were not bad looking - they had a kanto-ish look with them coupled by innocence. But only that the innocence fades when they start their "sales talk."

I felt guilty... I felt part of the fuel that drives the kids to think that they can offer themselves so casually without even considering that their values and morals - heck! their whole being shall be tainted and altered forever.

I'm no saint. And I am not compelled to do anything about the kid's moral and values uplifting. And I'm no hypocrite either - I have no right to lecture on prostitution. But if anything at all, we could at least save ourselves from the guilt of our contribution to the corruption and desecration of innocence - not youth but innocence. They should at least enjoy it until they are thoroughly prepared to let their innocence go - and not be forced to lose it due to our  tolerance and patronage.


Pasensiya na po natagalan, may dumating na stocks po e. Jack

No prob. If you're good, tara na. HE

Sige po. Jack.

*Jack put on a show that night - he stripteased his way out of his clothes and worked his hands wonderfully. But no extra - not tonight.


  1. nicely-written. you had my attention sa first line pa lang. damang-dama ko ang kuwento. :)

  2. i hope i could write as good as you

  3. and that is the reality for some children i ou country.

  4. Napaka revealing ng story mo na ito. Mas nakilala ko si HE and ME. =)


    p.s. Ang saya ng scavenger hunt no?

  5. k Aris: eeee - hindi nmn. hehehe. but coming from you, its a HUGE compliment - thank you.

    k Ewan: i once commented the exact same words. salamat. (si baby jonjon ka-labi ni Jack - hehehe)

    k Eternal: and that makes it worse - that it's reality...

    k Arian: hold them horses - wait 'till their legit - hehehehe.

    k Kane: we shall strive to reveal HE and ME more...

    PS. maybe one time, we'll put on a scavenger for bloggers. c:

  6. Scavenger hunts are pretty entertaining.

    Especially around Quiapo.

    And these youth, they are going to a crooked path.

    Good thing both of you din't give in.

  7. k Guyrony: hala - you did back read. i suddenly turned red. thanks a lot! HE and ME haven't had time lately to do scavenger hunts again... maybe soon... and yup, [too] young people don't appeal much to us - but verity is, they do with others. :(

  8. Wag kunin ang may pangalan na CJ Dy sa ISETANN RECTO, maraming kasama yan na iha-harassh kayo mga tatlo at pang-apat siya. Bata ito at may tattoo sa dibdib. Singkitin ang mata at payat ito na medyo moreno. Ingat kayo sa kanya...

  9. May gwapo Ryan name anlaki ng titi Arman name nya. Sara kainin ng burst at magaling umiyot