Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You cheat, I cheat...

Look, I started, its not the first time. You're definitely not the first...

I found myself reiterating the exact same words that SHE told me on that faithful night...


The kid was 20. Barely fresh out of college and trying his luck out on the real world.

I know. Right from the start. HE told me. The kid said.

And I was more than willing. I admit, HE is not my first but I'm as gullible as they get. His raw honesty from the start - that was something that really turned me on. HE was honest with me and that made me feel sickly wonderful inside. The kid continued.

I'm sure, you've felt the same. I mean, after having so many attempts at relationships, in the end, you just want someone who would be honest - a smack-right-at-your-face kind of honesty. HE gave that - no pretensions... All cards on the table. The kid.

The kid was 20 for crying out loud and the maturity in the way he says things was totally unexpected. I was caught off my guard.

So, ano 'to? What are we here for? ME nagpapaka-Maricel Soriano

I don't know. I guess I was intrigued. I knew, but HE never talks about you. The kid.


Who's SHE? The kid.

I grinned.

Nobody, SHE's nobody. ME

Honest pala a... I thought inside my head accompanied by an evil laugh.


Don't get me wrong, it's not that I tolerate HIM - but in the years we are together, surely it was not all smooth sailing. On the way, we meet rough waters and other sailors. Its just the way things are for HIM and ME. We play around and we both know it but we constantly refuse to discuss it. And we're not exactly what you call an open relationship - we are what we are. And those other sailors are well --- just that: escape.

I'm not going to try to even argue in behalf of our relationship. Its a non-issue for us and that's all that matters... I think.

Basta, mahirap mag-explain. Kasi when you have a sense of security with someone, you know that no matter what happens or what you do - in the end, in all leads back to him. And we are exactly like that - hindi kami hipokrito - alam namin na kung adobo lang ang ulam mo ng limang taon - kahit gaano kasarap yang adobong yan - nakakasawa din.


So you met the kid? HIM

Yup, he's kinda cute in a Stefano Mori way. ME

I think its his youth that drew me - age is coping up with us... HIM

With you YES, with me - not for 5 years more. Hahahaha. ME

Hmmm - humor. I like. HIM

Kiss nga ngarud. ME



Hindi. Cute lng.

Hahahaha. You think the kid's big?

Nakakadiri ka. Hahahaha. Pero tingin ko okay-okay lang.

Hay, anubayan, I think we're getting too comfortable with our whole set-up.

You want out?

Naku, eh di nawalan ako ng juicy stories. Hehehe. You okay?

Yes. You know HIM. The kid's just a passing.

Yes... Just like everything.

ME and SHE later that night.


Think what you must - but I have long learned that its too stressful to always defend what we have to other people. We are okay and we are good that way we are okay. I am way past judgments and irrelevant opinions.

Masaya ako. PAK!

Masaya sya. PAK!

Masaya kaming lahat. PAK!


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  2. everything's waay toooo complicated at this point...

    *good read btw