Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Na Naman...

ILANG beses ko na bang sinabing "TAMA NA?" Ilang beses ko na din bang sinabing "LAST NA TO TALAGA?" Kung Hindu god siguro ako, kailangan ko pang magpatubo ng isa pang set ng tig-four arms sa kanan at kaliwa kong balakang para lang mabilang kung ilang beses na akong umayaw sa sitwasyon ko.

FRIDAY ng gabi, nag-stock na ako ng Chocomani saka Bacon kasi weekend na naman. At pag weekend I know that it's mine - akin ang weekend mo. We were finishing our Love Boat marathon - finally... But halfway between putting the bacon in the fridge and munching on an apple, I remembered - its her birthday the next day... She's 31.

MATAGAL na nating usapan sa kontrata na bawal ang kaartehan ko kung birthday niya. Na yung bisperas, araw at post-bday date ay kay She at kay She at kay She lang. In short, i have to be nonexistent for three days at least - this I know I OWE She.

IT was five years ago, and it was your first time to sleep over. It was high-time sabi ko sa sarili ko. We've been seeing each other for 6 months already at isa pa nauso nun yung mga hidden videos sa motel so sa bahay na lang kasi mahirap na... I remember the exact position we have comfortably fit ourselves into - my right ear on your chest, just above your heart and your hands lingering on my hair. It was perfect - just the sound of your heart beating to my breathing gets me high the most. That was until...

"Is He with you?" it was a girl - I picked his phone up because the screen flashed "Boss calling..."

"Who's this?" I replied.

"Its She - ..."


"Look," She started, "its not the first time. You're not the first. I may not be okay with this set-up but it works for He and me. And I have nothing against..."

HE snatched the phone.

MY head was hearing drums the size of Araneta Colosseum and I literally froze.

All I heard from He was "Okay - I'm coming home."

ETO na naman ako. Yung ang una kong inisip. Heto na naman ako falling for the wrong guy. The few relationships I have had suddenly flashed before my eyes and then I saw my future - a constant choosing of the wrong guy...

"We could skip whatever you have to say. Just leave" It was I speaking.

He picked his trousers up, put his t-shirt on, and then his shoes and then kissed my head...

"You and I - we'll be okay..." It was He.

I heard the door close.

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  1. I finally have the time to backread ur blog and everything is slowly making sense.