Friday, March 19, 2010

The BIRTHDAY Clause...

"I'l call you when I can - " It was He who texted.

I didn't reply.

I didn't know what to reply.

Hindi ko alam kung pagmumurahin ko ba yung gago o ignore ko na lang and move on to the next wrong guy...

But I kept on thinking how casual it was for She and He. She didn't have a bit of surprise or anger in her voice when I picked her call - she was monotone to say the least. And He acted like it was just another day in the office. And I - I was just plain LOST. At that moment, I wished I knew what was going on in their heads. Super Twilight Zone moment ko yun.

Alam mo yung feeling ng white plastic bag na nasa kalye na palutang-lutang lang dahil sa buga ng mga usok ng tricycle? Yung parang sa American Beauty. Parang ganun yung nararamdamn ko nun - I was floating in nothingness.

THREE days after -

He calling...


He calling...


He calling...


"Hey - kamusta?" It was He who spoke first.

"You at work?" It was He again...

"Yup." It was me - finally.

Naisip ko, kung kaswal lang sa kanya - eh dapat, kaswal din lng sa akin. I'm going to play his game and I won't be left to lose this time... Or so I thought.

"Daanan kita mga 7, kain tayo." He

"Won't be out til 9 later." I

"Hintayin kita." He

"Ikaw bahala." I

"Okay. See you mamaya. Bye." He

What the ef* am I getting myself into? Jusko! Lord have mercy! Those were the first thoughts that entered my mind the moment I put my phone down. Wala na naman kasiguraduhan 'tong gagawin ko - at alam na alam kong sa bandang huli ako pa rin ang talo. Ang pangit ng outlook ko sa pakikipagrelasyon kung tutuusin - kasi para sa akin laro ito na may nananalo at natatalo. At sawa na akong matalo.

It was 9 - He was there finishing a bottle of 7 Up.

"Bahay mo na lang tayo - namalengke na ako" He

"Nagpaalam ka ba?" I

"Maya na yang issues mo Kuya Boy - luto muna tayo saka kain" He

He bought a pack of Bacon, a kilo of Rice, cream soup and a litro of orange Tang.

Halfway into the orange Tang...

"I'm married for four years now and I have twins." He started in the most casual manner. "And my marriage with She was more for convenience than anything - i got her pregnant at sa mata ng mga magulang namin, dapat may kasalan. Don't get us wrong..." He was now speaking for She also. "We respect the sanctity of marriage that's why we're still living together as a family. Pero alam din namin magpakatotoo sa mga sarili namin. I love my twins and She - pero selfish din ako. Alam kong may hinahanap pa ako..."


"And if there's one agreement that we are religious about - its Birthdays. Mine, She's and the Twin's birthdays are for the family. Korny I know, but its the one condition She asks of Me and I have had no problem with it -- so far. My sabit ako - that's the hard fact - and I've laid it on the table - you do to it what you wish." He finished.

I drank what was left of the Tang litro as if it were my last and then...

"So... you like bacon?" I said.

He grinned and all my defenses fell down.


  1. wow. this is powerful. i'm getting mixed feelings(no-negative ones, though)...

  2. k Spiral Prince: mixed feelings are good... just don't dwell on them too long - certainty is still best... thanks for the read.

  3. k sir mots: i'm hoping that's something positive... i miss your cartoons.

  4. I'm backreading.
    kelangan humabol. hahaha

  5. i was reading your recent posts a few minutes ago and i was like..where is the kabit part?? and here i am now.. so sad naman pala your situation..

    pero ang ganda ng writing style mo,. i like wait...scratch that.. i love it :)))