Monday, August 9, 2010

No - not a dog...

OK, just to be clear - I don't totally hate dogs. In fact, my family have owned several dogs over the past two decades. All of which have died a peaceful death - no thanks to Me.


What about a dog? HE

We were at a Bio Research trying to buy fish food for the twin's gold fish.

No. ME

Why not? At least may baby na tayo. HIM

Ikaw na lang, basta ako, ayoko - gawin mo pa akong bitch. ME

Well, you already are, no help from me. HIM

I slowly turned my head, raised my left eyebrow, and looked at him as if to say "you are not getting any tonight mister..." and said -

I'm going to pretend that I didn't hear you just say that. And you're sleeping on the couch by the way. ME

Aysus met, that was a joke. HIM as he put on a faint attempt to pout and give ME puppy dog eyes.


The idea was cute - ME and HIM having a baby together as personified by a pug. Very tempting.

But I resisted, I mean, who am I kidding? A dog, or any animal for that matter, will never be a replacement for a child. And if I know ME any better, a dog would only depress me more as it would constantly remind me that even for a pseudo-baby, we had to get it from a bitch.

Ewan ko ba, bakit ang laking issue ko yung pagkaka-anak lately? Is it because of age? Or baka i'm just looking for another reason to stay with him and keep the relationship? Hala... Am I running out of reasons?


I looked at myself in the mirror that night - no hints of wrinkles yet, no gray hair, no falling teeth, and a damn good memory still...

Reason No. 1 - eks mark.

Now, that would only leads to...

Hindi. I convinced myself.

I would know and feel especially, if I wanted out. I convinced myself some more.

I would - right?

I opted to sleep it off as I refuse to deal with the issue - not now, after all that had happened...

I closed the bathroom door and headed for the bed.

On his side of the bed, on top of his pillow, is a stuff toy - it was a pug.

Seriously, think about it. HE scribbled on a paper beside the toy pug.

I took the toy pug and shoved it under the bed.

Tomorrow - I'll think about it tomorrow. I thought.


  1. naku, having a dog is a big responsibility.

    i should know

  2. k eternal: uy - you have dog! pero ako, i don't think I'll ever be ready for such a responsibility unless by some reason, it gets forced on me and i am left to deal with it... hehehe.

  3. I totally understand. Buti my bf hates pets. I have friends (they're lovers) with 5 cats. Crazy.

  4. k fickle cattle: i can't stand pussies... err, cats i mean... hehehe. thanks for commenting and welcome to my attempt to blog. smiley.