Sunday, September 5, 2010

Its not a bump...

Hey you...

Hi-yee. You okay? ME

Yeah ... You think you can make yourself free this Wednesday?

Long shot - but I'll try. ME


Why? Ano meron this Wednesday? Novena's not til 6pm pa. ME

Yes the Novena and I need company...

Ngek. Date ganun? ME

Hey - you okay? ME after a period silence.

They found a lump - a cyst...


I was putting on my tie for work.

HE was already brewing coffee.

Hey, someone's calling. HE

Pasagot please. ME

HE met me halfway on the stairs.

Its SHE, my tatanungin daw. HE


I'm not religous.

But I am praying my ass off that it will turn out to be bengin.

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