Monday, September 13, 2010

It Had to Happen...

I think its high time we see each other and stop staging run-ins. SHE said on the phone.

Oh... ME startled as we were using my direct office line

Well, i don't think you're going anywhere and HE haven't been in a relationship this long with... Uhmmm... SHE

Sa lalake you mean. ME

Huwag kang mataray -you haven't earned that yet. SHE

IMPAKTA! I thought

Oh, did not mean to. I later said (NOTE: When I do not condense my words, that means I am irritated)

So, you up for it? How 'bout Chilli's sa Morato? SHE

Yeah, Wednesday's okay with you? ME

Mga 8 pa - I have a thing on Wednesdays eh. SHE (NOTE: The thing is her novena to the Mother of Perpetual Help I later found out)

That's good for me. ME

Ok. Thanks. SHE


It was over two years ago when SHE and ME decided to meet.

Well, more like SHE decided...

And looking back, we have come far into accepting that the other is a shadow of the other.


I went in with SHE to the doctor's office.

It was painted yellow.

We sat and listened.

SHE was okay - the cyst was the cause of a plugged secretion of some sort.

The yellow in the room suddenly felt brighter.

Whew was all I can muster.


I arrived at Chilli's about 5 past 8.

SHE was already there. I tell you, SHE is the epitome of "on-time" which, I am the opposite of.

I went to the table where she sat after SHE gave me the nod.

Its finally nice to come face to face with you - intentionally. SHE

Same here. ME with a faint smile.

SHE ordered ahead. Yes, even what I'm having.

I hope you don't mind, I ordered for both of us. SHE

No worries. ME

Munching on the BB ribs...

So how's the sex? SHE suddenly blurted

I nearly choked on my BB ribs.

You certainly know how to break the ice don't you? ME

Hahahaha. Yes, I guess I do. SHE

Well, its not very long nor very thick, but HIS thrust are to die for. ME

Hahahaha. Alon-Alon-Ikot ba yan? SHE

Puta - sa'yo din? Ay sorry... ME

Yup - I sort of taught him that. SHE

Hahahaha. Eh di I have you to thank pala. ME

Your welcome. SHE

Queue awkward silence here.

So you love him I guess. SHE

Don't you? ME

SHE smiled.

May mga bagay that we keep not because we love them, but because they've become an invaluable part of us. I cannot say that I love HE, but HE have grown on me already. I like him around. SHE

I like him around too. ME

And that shouldn't be a problem. SHE

So ano tayo - I mean, ano ito? ME

Hindi ko din alam - first time ko 'tong gawin. But, I will tell you one thing - I wanted to meet you. SHE

Bakit? ME

HE have changed  - considerably. HE has grown to be more of a father to the twins and more of a husband to me. Your good on him and with you around, I'm more panatag at night. We are mutually benefited. Oh God, I sounded like a user... SHE

Lumaki ulo ko bigla - yes yung dalawa.

Well, I'm not exactly innocent. I mean, you perfectly fulfill your duties as a wife that when we're together, I could be just me and not always think kung paano pupunan yung pagkukulang mo. If I may so myself, you are a perfect Stepford wife. ME

Hahaha. I guess we did good with HE - didn't we? SHE

We did. ME

I'm just glad I met HIM first. SHE

Hahahahahaha. ME


It was a silent ride to Kopi Roti after the doctor's.

Remember Chilli's? SHE

Yes. ME

I'm glad we did that. SHE

Me too. ME.


  1. Ang ganda ng pagkasulat mo ng inyong kuwento.

    How both of you decided to accept the presence of each other is his life. Magaling =)


  2. Thanks Kane. We find it odd most of the time - but as HE have grown on us, ME and SHE have grown on each other too. XOXO

  3. Wow! I'm now a fan. Galing nga ng pagkasulat.

  4. For the sheer guts of meeting SHE and more so for being her friend who is not a natural ally given the situation, you deserve more kudos than the recent Nobel Peace Prize recipient. Hats off to you!

  5. Mu[g]en, you are too kind. In as much as you are, i am too a fan of yours. Salamat, coming from a blogger whom I often read, it means a lot. Yey!

  6. Kryptonite, I feel undeserving of the comment, you guys are really too kind with your words. But thank you, sincerely. With SHE and ME, we have an open mind - but more importantly, an open heart to see beyond what should be natural... I shall have a happy weekend - thanks to you.

  7. Bongga!

    Back read pa ako, nakaka addict ang blog mo =>

  8. k jetlander: sorry it took this long to reply... thank you for the read...

  9. *very slow clap while standing up.*

  10. by far the awkward-est entry i've read in my entire blog surfing..
    i've always wanted to meet a "gay mistress" and now that i have come to know that one actually exists, i may not want to meet another's too complicated understanding their life, ..and yours is even more considering that kind of "acquaintanceship??" hahaha XD with his wife.. hopefully by this time, HE is not part of your system anymore..