Monday, December 13, 2010

The Myth that is a Dog...

HE went home to me last Sunday.

So I woke up to the smell of bacon.

It was one scent that I associate to HE.

SHE and twins are out to buy me a gift. HE

Don't worry, SHE knows I'm here. HE continued

Let's eat tapos tara sa auntie ko. HE again.

I'm meeting a family member? Hala... ME thought.


So after a grueling 1.5 hours, we finally reached Tatay.

And voila! HE's auntie happens to be a vet.

I looked at him suspisciously.

HE just gave ME his What-Did-I-Do-? look.


We went in and as protocol will have it, I was introduced as THE best friend.

Oh, ano nangyari kay Bruce? Di ba sya dati best friend mo? Auntie with a BIG emphasis on best friend.

Auntie naman. HE

Auntie just smiled and looked at me.

Pero for the record K, ikaw pa lang ang best friend nya na dinala nya dito sa akin. Auntie

I smiled back.


HE has a green thumb for pets - dogs specially I soon found out.

Nung college pala, nagpart-time siya dun sa clinic ng Auntie nya bilang assistant.

And soon enough without doing anything, lumapit na sa kanya mga aso...

Nangilatis muna yung aso...

Tapos yan na, hinawakan na ni HE...

The next ting I know, nasa lap na yung aso...

Sinamahan pa nang isa.

Kukunin nyo ba? Auntie pertaining to the white Pomeranian.

HE looked at me.

Gusto mo? HE

I felt ambushed for a decision, so the businessman in me swayed my head left and right.

And HE knows when NOT to argue.

Pag-iisipan pa Auntie eh. HE

Okay, kayong bahala. Auntie


On the way home.

I just want you to have company lalo na pag matagal akong wala. HE

Sweet pero mamamatay lang yung aso. ME

Pakilala mo na lang ako kay best friend Bruce para may kasama ako pag wala ka. ME added sarcastically.

HE looked at me and then laughed. Yung talagang heartfelt laugh na parang nakaka-gago.

Bruce was a dog. HE wiping a tear from his eyes out of laughing too much.

Pahiya ako.

Tae, minsan na nga lang magselos, sa aso pa. ME

Hahahahahahahahaha. HE

It was like that till we got home. Laugh on and off lang si HE.

Well at least I scored some when we got home.


And oh, isang aso lang ang lumapit sa akin...

Yung inverted heart just below the nose is his tongue. Super cute. Tapos naka-hang lang yung dila nya forever. :)


  1. aaaaaaaw.

    go, go, go!

    magpa-doggie ka.

    este kuha ka ng doggie! :D

  2. k Eternal Wanderer... : Hahahaha, naughty you! :)

  3. the tongue didn't look like an inverted heart to me. or maybe bastos lang ako. :P

    ang sweet naman ni He. :)

  4. k crashandburn: hehehe - we have our moments... ;p

    k engel: hahahahaha! when i read you comment bigla ko din narealize... kaya siguro lumapit sa akin yung aso... hahahaha. :p

  5. ang cute mo magkwento..

    conio much.. haha!

    wait lang medyo nalilito ako sa HE na yan as aka at yung HE as a pronoun.. yung nasa pic si HE? auntie ni HE yung pinuntahan niyo? eh bakit parang..... ang gulo!


    slow much!

  6. k shenanigans: yup, i refer to the partner as HE... ako din naguguluhan minsan... hehehe... naku, napapaghalata ang alma mater ko dahil sa ka-coniohan... thanks for the read! hehehe

  7. awweee :) the pomeranian was beautiful..