Monday, November 26, 2012


I am never enough.

I try to be.

I can be less intelligent.

I can fight the urge to correct your subject-verb agreements and your tenses (you know very well how hard that is).

I can like the movies you see even if I forget the whole plot the next day.

I can change my playlist to the songs you listen to.

I dress down because you should look better.

I put on perfume because you like smelling it.

I learned how to fry and can learn to cook.

I can wax my b*lls and *rse (f*ck that hurt!).

I can bend over like crazy, kneel like there's no tomorrow, walk with my hands,  have my wang hang in balcony just because you wanna try outdoor s*x.

And I love your family like I love mine.

And I can believe your lies.

And I can hold on to your word like I hold on to life.

And I love you despite.

Pero kulang pa rin ako para sa'yo.

Akala ko hindi na masakit - pero ang sakit sakit pa rin.

                   The winner takes it all
                   The loser standing small
                   Its simple and its plain 
                   Why should I complain?

PS: Time's a b*tch: its too fast when your happy and it's dragging when your not.


  1. it hurts at the start. it always does.

    but you will move on. you will forget. and you will be happy.

    it will happen. just you wait.


    1. I am... For the moment, lets get some distractions...

      Salamat, as always gillboard.

      *hug right back at you

  2. As long as it's Meryl Streep's version...

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  4. soon, you will also find someone whom you can be yourself and no longer have to bend in any way that is against your will.

    1. I wish we could quantify or measure 'soon'


      Thanks Seth.

  5. Sabi ni Mo dati sa podcast niya ang pinakamahirap na part sa pakikipag break up eh yung the day after the break up not during the break up. yung tipong pag gising mo sa umaga wala na siya sa tabi mo yung mga ganung simpleng bagay pero ang sakit sakit....

    Go out with your friends, watch movie, make yourself busy, maglinis ka ng bahay, uminom ka, gumimik ka, mag shopping, mag pagupit, magpa tattoo.. gawin mo lahat ng mga distractions until makalimuatn mo na siya. it will be hard pero you have to.

    Tama na Kaloy :(
    "I'll dress nice, I'll look good, I'll go dancing alone. I will laugh, I'll get drunk, I'll take somebody home" -Pink, Blow me one last kiss
    eto ang sountrack mo for this entry

    smile na oh :(

    PS: Sorry ang gulo na ng comment box mo dahil sakin. hehe! forgive me Kaloy

    1. I find myself looking forward to your comments russell. :)

    2. I will find things to occupy myself with...

      Starting with food then boys... Ay, parang pareho lang yun.


    3. boys ba kamo? hhhmm... sama! lol

  6. Time heals all wounds... but of course the scars remain...You learned something. There are times na naiisip natin na sana hindi na lang natin ibinigay ng buong buo para di masakit, pero naibigay na natin eh. I think it is not our fault, it is theirs. "Regrets" adds to our pain but it also justifies our decision. Sa ngayon, moving forward na tayo and hope for the best...Ako, magtotour...Siguro kailan natin mag ipon so that when "times" like this happens, we can go elsewhere and enjoy life...

    1. enjoy the tour! i wish i had the luxury to do the same... hehehe... ingat!