Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Right Time...

Just a couple of random things...


Someone's been making me happy lately...

It may be tad superficial for now but he really helps a lot in distracting me from thinking too much about things...

Its just really pure fun - the clean one at that...

And it got me thinking, when's the right time to be happy?

I know, you're thinking, wala naman - your happy when you are.

It's just that, I feel a little guilty.

But hey, I'd rather have that than anything else.

And I've been buying an average of two pairs of shoes for the last three weeks as therapy.

Sue me.


I met SHE and the twins this Sunday to exchange gifts over lunch.

The twins were asking why HE was not there.

SHE conveniently said its because Manny had a fight and the twins bought it.

When we had time alone, SHE said bluntly: You ruined him you know.

I resent that. I replied.

But not more than I think he ruined you. SHE continued.

Do I looked ruined? I asked SHE.

Yes. SHE said.

I look defeated, but not yet ruined - I think. I smiled.

I'm kidding - you look perfectly fine. Nag-li-Likas ka na ulit no? SHE said

We laughed.

And just for the record, don't you dare break-up with me. SHE said just before the twins joined the table again.

I smiled - my heart enlarged and it burst with a gazillion smileys.


Yeah, I guess there's not a right time to be happy - you just are sometimes.


  1. Sabi sa librong The fault in our stars don't deny yourself to the simpler pleasures in life. Happiness is a choice.

    You sound okay naman or baka magaling ka lang magtago. hehe!

    Kaloka! balak mo pa ata i-beat si Maja and Marcos sa 2 pairs of shoes every week. anu bang shoes yan? Wedge? Flats? Heel less? lol

    Last sat ako ng Obar sa ortigas Dec. 8. you were there? baka ikaw yung gumagawa ng scene sa labas humahagulgol iyak ng iyak nakipag break kasi ata sa kanya jowa niya on the spot. (that's what I heard) charot! pero ang hot nun ni kuya ah bortang borta.. or baka naman si HE yun.. sayang sana sinuntok ko na. tpos mag record ako ng vid papadala ko sayo ang title HEnanigan's resbak. choz! ;)

    1. i know I could count on you sa resbakan! LOL!

      Thanks Rusell...

      PS: Uy, someone's happy din...

    2. Happy yes but am still in doubt... Di ko kasi alam kung possible bang makakita ng ganun sa loob ng bar (you know what am talking about right?)or maybe im just being too conventional?

      I dunno..

      Guarded pa din ako sa sarili ko mahirap na learned from your stories na e. hehe

    3. yeah - i think i'm familiar still with that doubt.

      pero if it were ME, i'll just enjoy for the moment whatever it is that we're sharing and give it time to grow and flourish - huwag magmadali.

      and it's different for everybody, what happened to ME was just for me... and with a smart guy like you, i'm pretty sure you'll make the better choices for YOU.


    4. This is really comforting Kaloy. naiyak ako mga isang patak ng luha sa right eye ko. choz!

      But seriously, this really is comforting. Sarap mo siguro ka kwentuhan feeling ko marami akong matutunan sayo yung tipong may dala akong maliit na notebook taking down notes habang kausap ka. hihi!

    5. Sit-in ka sa class ko one time...

      You'll be fine - I know you will.


    6. O, bakit the long sigh russell?

    7. You know what Kaloy, I wanted to talk to you pa kaya lang.... look at the thread oh. hahahaha!

      silly noh? nakakahiya na sa readers mo. hehe! *winks*

    8. leave me your email. we'll talk. :)

    9. Uhh here? may last name ko eh

      twitter? ym?

    10. baka di kita ma greet on time..

      Merry Christmas Kaloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooy!

      Perky lang. hahahahaha!


    11. Merry Xmas Russell!

      Email me.


  2. i would like to meet she.

    well, actually pareho kayo. hahaha. wala lang. you're both cool people.

    1. is this an invitation?


      i'm not sure with SHE though.

    2. Why not. Ive been following your story since i ran into your blog i think a couple of years ago. Its about time i guess to put a face on these posts. :)

    3. i am very much tempted. but i must caution: the face does not exactly reflect the post. hehehe.

      how can i reach you?

  3. Grace under pressure and defeat.You go girl! You deserve that happiness :D

  4. Ako, I buy books. And I cover them one by one while scanning and reading them. Theraphy lang. Anyway, for me, it is already a perfect set-up: HE, SHE, YOU, and the twins. It is one big happy family sana. Ewan ko ba kay HE, di na nakuntento. It his lost and the shoe manufacturers' gain. He, he, he. Well, you deserve to be happy too.

    1. Thank you. :)

      I am restricting myself - no more shoes 'till next year.

      What books do you read?