Thursday, December 27, 2012

The 2012 That Was...

So here's the summary of my attempts at life this year, in quotes:

JANUARY - Trying to move on...

  • I'm a mess.
  • You are going to be fine because you have a heart like mine. And our hearts - they may break a thousand times but they mend a thousand times too if that's what it takes. Mama

FEBRUARY - 07's advances...

  • O7-000001 moved closer.

MARCH - New apartment...

  • Mbaet aqoh sir bsta mbaet di kayowh skn... Bsta sir 1st tym ko kya sarapn nyo phowz a... Hehe. BJ

APRIL - Still trying to move-on...

  • I'm not hurt but I couldn't let go just yet. (Mention - inspired poem by Eternal Wanderer)
  • Salamat naman sa BB P. for the diversion.
  • PS: I love musicals. I wish I could just cue to a song and dance number whenever it strikes me. Back-up dancers, singers, confetti and all...

MAY - Some much needed going-away and finally facing what happened...

  • Buti pa si Mommy, may asenso.
  • In BKK 
  • Sh*t. Nothing hurts like being lied - to your face. 

JUNE - Blog turned play...

  • I'm just glad something still comes up from all my mess here.

JULY - Trying out 07...

  • But 07 is not HE. Plain and simple. I look at him and he's not...

AUGUST - Back with HE and paranoia with J...

  • And ME always knew HE would be welcomed back - no questions... No pretensions...
  • I think I'm keeping J. HE said
  • But I know I can take more blows from HE - i'll let ME bruise and bleed 'till I'm numb...

SEPTEMBER - Still paranoid...

  • You tell me you love me, on the same breath you tell me that you care for another man!

OCTOBER - Almost worked out again...

  • I'm going to work hard to deserve you again. HE said suddenly
  • But ME's praying harder that my doubts are wrong.
  • But it is clear though - ME have two (2) options:

                   1. Get out! Leave and start anew.
                   2. Martyrdom.

  • Look, don't make your own ghosts son. Mama added when ME did not reply. And those doubts - they're gonna eat you alive like parasites do. So save yourself the trouble and just think of the good things.  Mama

NOVEMBER - Endings...

  • ME's making a mark on ME's territory so them b*tches better not step the line.
  • Sure I might be acting from impulse and sure I will have regrets but I can deal with HE or J and whatever they become but me, it would be hard for me to deal with a Self that I don't like.
  • I stood up - it was time to walk away.
  • Pero kulang pa rin ako para sa'yo. Akala ko hindi na masakit - pero ang sakit sakit pa rin.

DECEMBER - Little bouts of happiness...

  • Yeah, I guess there's not a right time to be happy - you just are sometimes.


I bet my year was as full as yours. Here's a little peek at my life outside this blog:

  • Got promoted this year (on my full time job)
  • One of the photos I took got published recently
  • First time in Ilocos, Coron, CDO, Zamboanga, General Santos and Thailand this year
  • And I'm back to teaching courses on my first love - Philosophy
  • Gained two inches around the waist


Let me take this chance too to say THANK YOU to you. This blog and your (silent/vocal) comments have comforted ME during all the hullabaloos that happened...

Here's to our attempts at life!


  1. After this, I realized how boring my 2012 was. LOLs. But there are things that will always be hard to avoid. So in good and bad times, your Mama is correct, always think about the good things.

    May 2013 bring you more happiness. I pray that it will be more awesome, without the heart ache of course.

    1. Thanks LJ! Here's to looking forward and taking steps to more awesomenss!

      Happy new year too!

  2. Congrats to the promotion and the travels, these are things that I wasn't able to do this year.

    Pinapasabi ni Kasintahan, gusto ka daw niya makausap kasi mahilig daw siya sa philosophy. LOL

    1. You have a new set of goals then! Hehehe. 2012 was good to ME - albeit.

      Sure! I can talk philo all day long!

  3. Your 2013 is going to be awesome. I can feel it :) Congratulations Kaloy. You've been through a lot, kudos for making it this far. You're gonna be amazing :))

    1. And you'll be amazing too! Welcome 2013!

  4. Congrats Kaloy. Makulay talaga ang buhay. Cheers to a new year of adventure! :)

    1. And congrats too Hustin - we made it through another year!

      More adventures!

  5. maari ng maging teleserye.

    bring out the popcorn! :P

    humpy new year! :D

    1. Pang Kapamilya Gold ganyan... Hehehe.

      Thank you Eternal!

      Lets hump away!

  6. Replies
    1. Hahahaha! LanchiE - salamat for being part of my 2012 too!

      Have a great 2013!

  7. A long journey encapsulated in less than 400 words. :)

    I hope the new year ushers in a more quiet transit for you.


    1. Thanks Mugen!

      Here's to a quieter (but not less interesting) year!

      Cheers right back at you!

  8. favorite ko na tong quote na to

    "some infinities are bigger than other infinities"

    tignan mo na lang ang napagdaanan mo this 2012.. shit di ba? pero mas stronger ka na and wiser I must say.

    anu ba sasabihin ko... hhhmm. basta ayun alam mo na yun. :)

    #SabawnaComment haha!