Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pizza Guy...

NO - I did not do it with a pizza guy.


I teach part-time and this sem, my class was on production and operations management. Once in while, I make it a point to share and invite insights on matters that interest me which, are often, irrelevant to the subject 

(Actually, I didn't want to do class, I was not in the mood for JITs, TQMs, weighted moving averages and exponential smoothing so I opted to discuss something else... Hehehe... Bad teacher! Bad!).

Last Saturday, I read a post from Sir Migs' blog to my class. It was an excerpt from D. M. Ruiz's The Mastery of Love. In essence, it says that when you have enough love in your heart to give, you would not beg for it but if you don't, then you would accept the pettiest of love. It gives an account on the unconditionality (made-up word, sorry... hehe) of love - that is, that it should not expect anything in return.


I remember posting a quote on the door of my room when I was still in college, it goes:

"We believe we are hurt when we don't receive love. But that is not what hurts us. Our pain comes when we do not give love. We were born to love. You might say that we are divinely created love machines. We function most powerfully when we are giving love. The world has led us to believe that our well-being is dependent on other people loving us. But this is the kind of upside down thinking that has caused so many of our problems. The truth is our well-being is dependent on our giving love. It is not about what comes back; it is about what goes out!"

Alan Cohen

The quote is still on the door up to this day.


So after the story I asked the class who would take the pizza guy's offer. One of my students raised his hand.

Sino crush mo? ME

Si Rocco Nacino sir. Student

Paano kung hindi niya kamukha si Rocco? ME

Tanggapin ko pa rin yung pizza niya sir. Student

Paano kung hindi naman pala masarap yung pizza niya? ME

Tanggapin ko pa rin sir. Student

Paano kung hindi lang ikaw ang binibigyan niya ng pizza? ME

Keri lang sir. Student

Paano kung maliit yung pizza niya? ME

Sir, kahit ano man siya at kahit ano pa yung ino-oofer niya, tatanggapin ko pa rin yung inaalok niya. Student

Bakit? You, of all people, should know the value of unconditional love - of JUST giving. No offense ha... ME

Sir, when all your life, you're used to JUST giving and then suddenly, someone, out of nowhere offers you something, i think you're most vulnerable to accept it. Kung minsan kasi sir, kailangan mo din na my natatanggap kahit konti lang - a sort of reassurance na hey, you matter to someone din. Kahit siguro ilusyon lang yun. Student

Sa isip ko, sinabi ko sa kanya - Bakla ka nga... Apir!

Pero ang lumabas na lang sa bibig ko ay: You're right. In the end, it all boils down to personal decisions. But if you don't want to get hurt, I tell you, don't accept the pizza guy's offer. ME

Kahit kamukha ni Rocco Sir? Student

Kahit pa si Rocco mismo yan. ME

Kahit napakabango ng pizza niya Sir? Student

Kahit na among baby pa. ME

Kahit sobarang malaki yung pizza niya sir? Student

Kahit na mas malaki pa kay Big Ben. ME

Hay sir, sana nga may lakas akong humindi kung sakali. Student

Ipapahiram ko bato ko sayo kung sakali. ME

And the class erupted to laughter.


  1. Teka, ano ba tinuturo mo sa klase mo? :D

  2. a 'K' here too.. kabit. But unlike you, SHE doen't know. Got personal e-mail where I can reach you?

  3. k engel: hahaha - madalas ko din tanong yan pero sabi ko nga lagi sa klase, i may fall short of knowledge, but experience, that's one thing i have plenty of

    k Anonymous: reach me at - hope all is [at least] tolerable. ;p

  4. di ko gets yung metaphor. pa-explain naman. =P

  5. k Nishiboy: hahahaha. adik. ;p