Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Domestication of a Relationship....

For the first time, in like forever, HE and ME spent Valentine's together...


O, why are you here? ME on 14 Feb. 2011

Ayaw mo? Madali akong kausap. HE mocking to go out.

You know what I mean. ME

SHE's out with You-Know-Who and the twins are at their Lola's. HE

You-Know-Who has a name you know. ME

Care bear. HE

What? Hahahahahaha. Saan mo yan natutunan? ME laughing at HE's expression

Ah basta. We're doing Valentines together whether you like it or not. HE

I like it. Hehehehe. ME

Yun naman pala. HE

In one condition. ME

What? HE

No flowers, teddy bears or chocolates. ME

E ano gagawin natin? S*x agad? HE

Gago. Ang sweet mo talaga. ME

Hehehe. Joke lang. Sige, foreplay ngarud muna. HE attempting to striptease

Dito na lang tayo bahay. ME

Ano gagawin nga natin? HE

Ako magtutupi ng labada, ikaw magluluto. ME

Ok boss! HE trying to sound excited


I'm not used to having HE during Valentine's day.

Its just weird for me because I'm used to HE and SHE having all the holidays together with the twins.

I guess with Chris around, things will be a little different again.

It took quite a while for ME, HE and SHE to adjust to each other and now the dynamics will change.

Well at least, things between the three of us are a little more exciting.


So after three or more hours, here's the culmination of our V-day activities:

I swear, we change clothes more too often than we breathe.
Sopas for Valentines. Its nothing fancy, just the way I like it.  And HE knows how to make a good sopas. Yum!


I think our relationship is beginning domestication. Just look at us, doing the laundry, cooking and now Valentines Day. ME

Well its high time. HE

I looked at him and smiled.

Alam mo, prang kang gatas sa sopas ko. HE

Ha? ME

Kasi malabnaw ang buhay ko kung wala ka. HE

O CHIRST! Hahahahahahaha. ME nearly wanting to lie on the floor out of extreme happiness.

Come on - give me break, its Valentines. HE

Its nice you try to be funny and sweet but your better at kissing. ME

Kissing then it is... HE


  1. hihi.. "gatas" :D

    nag-"ngarud" siya...so, ilokano? :D

  2. k exanthiel: i'm ilocano - na pick-up na lang nya sa akin yung "ngarud" saka "met" din... hehehe. ilocano ka gayyem?

  3. awwwwww. kiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig!!

  4. k Eternal Wanderer...: LOL! Ngaun ko lang yan naisip... *Blush*

    k engel: hehehe - we have our moments... which are mostly korny... ;p

  5. k uno: naku, kakornihan lng yan ni HE... HE tries his best not to be too uptight all the time... ;p

  6. haan met makawawat laeng :D

  7. omg! nakikiliti ako.. lololololol...

  8. k Nishiboy: hahahaha. a basta. how was the fair?

    k exanthiel: imbag man... hehehe.

    k russ: hahaha. thanks russ. i'm contemplating on a BDO credit card - you recommend? hehe