Thursday, February 3, 2011

IDOL Wagon...

Chanced on Iurico's blog. 

I haven't watch Chris Medina's audition yet, but reading through it, the story sounded familiar...

Too familiar...

So ME texted HE to check the video.

Tunay na Buhay. Rhea Santos. HE replied.

Yey! ME

Hindi mo maalala? Iniyakan mo kaya un. HE

Che! ME




Here's the episode:


I guess this is what they mean when they say unconditional love...

To LIVE for SOMEONE else...

To totally disregard yourself and lay your life for another...

How strong must Wawel's & Chris' love be no?


May kapasidad kaya tayong magmahal ng ganun?

Tayong mga simpleng diyosa lamang?


But I am inspired - how appropriate for this time of the year.



  1. xlink tayo

  2. sana mapasakin yung taong kaya kong mahalin nang ganon.

  3. k uno: Is 'xlink-ing' the same as 'following?' I'm sorry, I get lost just trying to read an email... Hehehe. ;p

    k Nishiboy: If only I could grant wishes... Pero siguro ang mas importante eh hindi yung taong mamahalin natin kundi yung fact na tayo, sa sarili natin, alam nating kaya nating magmahal ng ganun - no matter who the person is... Ching!

  4. happy heart's day.. nag bloghop lang at napadpad dito.. visit me back.. you're linked.. thanks..^_^

  5. k russ: thanks! happy v-day to you back - or belated that is...