Monday, February 16, 2015

A Betrayal of Pain...

M looks like J. HE said

Hindi a - M looks way better than J. Dugyot kayang tignan si J. SHE said.

Thank you. ME mouthed to SHE.

Ah - so this is how we’re going to be: you both ganging up on me? HE said.

Yeah - just about. ME said.

And WE all had a healthy, honest-to-goodness - laugh.


SHE was throwing a despedida for ME - SHE said "just us.”

Since I’m going away for some time for work, SHE wanted to do something special.

When I got to SHE's house, the twins greeted me with a “Hi Tito K - Mom’s in the kitchen.

Hey, can’t I come here to see you guys for once and not your Mom? ME shouted as the twins went running off to do something twin-ish.

When I got to the kitchen, right there in the island was HE - munching through some popcorn and bacon.

I stopped, my heart raced and I immediately planned how to leave unnoticed.

I started to slowly (quietly) step back.

If you think I didn’t see you - you thought wrong. SHE blurted.

I could swear SHE had eyes at the back of her head.

HE turned around, smiled and waived his hand - so very casually.

Sit. Eat some popcorn. Share. SHE commanded.

Matatapos na ‘tong adobo then WE could eat. SHE added.

You look good. HE said and offered the bowl of popcorn keeping the bacon to himself.

You don’t. ME said without missing a beat.

Play nice K. SHE said.

Its alright,  I deserve it. HE replied.

And there’s a load more that you don’t. ME said.

Like you. HE added and smiled.

ME smiled, HE’s still quite the charmer. 



How did we ever find ourselves in this situation? ME was wondering.

WE stayed in the island of SHE’s kitchen, we were eating lunch out of the pots and pans.

Remember the time we were at the cove for your birthday and I was gone for about 4 hours? HE said to SHE randomly.

I don’t, but why? SHE said

I had to slip to Tagaytay for K. HE said.

Who was waiting for 5 hours. ME continued

Hindi pa kayo close nun saka medyo nag-adjust pa si K sa “Birthday Clause.” HE said.

What a quickie e? HE said with a grin.

Gawd! No - no s*x stories yet. And on my birthday?! SHE said.

ME and HE laughed.

Okay - just the PG stuff. HE said.

And there’s not a lot. ME said.

You guys are gross! Disgusting! SHE said in a laugh.


How did WE ever found ourselves in this, peculiar, situation? ME wonders more now.

We’re like old college friends who have been used to each other for so long that its impossible to get offended with the insults, comments and jokes.

We talked and talked - there was mention of pain and hurt but they were just that - mentions. 

The lightness of that day’s conversation with SHE and HE was the most I could remember, all else was bliss. 

But I know, I’m pretty sure, its what I could only have with friends.

I wonder until now how that day played out. I ran through it in my head a couple of times and I couldn’t remember ever feeling hate or resentment against/towards HE. There was remembering but not feeling.

As Kundera would put it: Unbearable lightness.

But ME keep on thinking too: Is it too soon? Am I betraying my pain?


You’re still an a-hole you know. ME said to HE.

We were on the patio with a bottle of beer each.

I don’t know how SHE ever managed to train you. ME added.

It took one pregnancy and two babies. SHE answered.

And yes, you’re forever an a-hole who should be glad that K’s not hitting your face right now. SHE said.

Nah, I’m too good for that. ME said with a grin.

Apir. SHE said.

HE was quiet.

For what its worth - you two are a blessing. HE said finally. 

And this thing that we’re doing right now, i’m glad we’re doing it - cheers. HE raised his bottle.

And WE Raised our bottles too.


However, whatever, it is that led us to this particular moment, WE may not know - but i’m very glad too that WE did.

Life has a funny way of mending things eh?

Here’s to betraying some more pain!


  1. and everybody lived happily ever after... sana tuloy tuloy na :-)

    1. still far from a fairy tale (not that i'm wishing for it) - but its a very good start eh? :)

  2. funny how things turn out eventually...

    1. Mostly weird - like the universe is playing a joke (and that's what makes it funny i guess)...

  3. Awh :) One thing always leads to another :)

    1. Then another - its a vicious leading-to-another this life we have... Hehe