Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Follow Through…

Hey… HE said on the other line.

Hey you too. ME said

All’s well there in the east? HE asked.

Yeah - its been raining though every afternoon. ME answered.

Its been hot here. HE said.

Then there was silence.

Look, it just can’t be like it was. ME started.

What’d I do? HE asked.

This - you calling to check up on me. ME

Can’t friends do that? HE

No. ME said bluntly.

SHE doesn’t? HE asked again.

No. ME said again.

There was more silence.

You can’t. You hear? This cannot be rushed. Not like what you want at least. We need time to transition into that. ME was preaching to HE.

Into friends you mean? HE

Yes - see, I even have trouble saying the “f” word. ME.

Okay - point taken. There was a hint of defeat in HE’s voice.

I’m not saying don’t call but you have better things to do. If you push this too hard, it might not prosper at all. Besides, have you called J before you did me? ME asked.

J’s busy with stuff. HE said.

Stuff? ME asked again.

Young stuff. HE said.

What do you mean young? ME said.

Whatever it is that young people do these days. HE replied.

Hahahaha. You sound like my father. ME was laughing.

Well, I might as well be his. HE said.

ME laughed some more.

Hey, there are perks for getting them young ones. So cheer up. ME said - still laughing.

Yeah… Yeah… Sige na, have a meeting in 10. HE said.

Hahaha. Now I know how to shrug you off. ME said.

Har. Har. HE sarcastically laughed.

Bye na. ME said

Bye. HE


HE’s been calling everyday - HE said he needs adult [gay] conversation so that rules out SHE. 

And I’m having a field day - looks like HE’s not adjusted to J’s “young” lifestyle yet.

I’ve been advising him though to suck it up. LOL!

But seriously, ME advised HE to take it easy.

Maybe they could do J’s kind-of-stuff one time and HE’s kind-of-[old]-stuff another. Compromises are in place as age really should not matter. 


Im sorry, it still seems so surreal to ME.

Whats happening to ME and HE is crazy sh*t - I have never been friends with exes - N.E.V.E.R.

Its all weird. 


Bust mostly weird.


  1. Just earlier, I was asking myself am I the only one who's never been close to exes?

    Glad you're there.

    1. It's still unfamiliar territory for ME....

  2. present! count me in... ex-lovers cannot be friends... haha. hinde ako bitter ah...pramis :)

    1. Hahaha - it's crazy alright... But I dunno, let's see... :)