Monday, December 22, 2014

For Real...

Dear HE,

I think I'm finally okay.

I'm sorry - for not being enough. 

And no, I'm not soliciting for pity it's just that now, I accept that.  

And it's okay - I think I have finally forgiven myself for it. 

And it's not your fault for wanting more - we all want more. 

I wanted more. 

And I'm done playing the victim card so I'm sorry for being resentful - I've been hating you too long.

I just felt I needed to do that for a time. You see, it was the only way I could hold on to you. 

But it feels too heavy now and I would rather hold memories of love. 

I would like to remember you as a good memory - and you are.

And thank you - I would not have known love the way I do if it weren't for you.

I really hope that you're happy and that it was all worth it.

Think of me and when you do, I hope you smile.



  1. Replies
    1. Salamuch! :)

      I just hope I follow-through...

  2. :) Lets all keep moving forward :)

    1. Yes... yes... And sometime we move forward with the same person eh? Hehe. I hope things are good with you and...

  3. Replies
    1. I hope this is a good *sigh* you're having (or had)... :)

    2. oh my...that *sigh* was a year ago...and here I am again, reading this, like I've never read it before...

      "Saudade..." is the the first thing that comes to mind. but, how do I say this... Saudade in a good *sigh*