Monday, February 11, 2013

Profiling ME...

Suddenly, a vision of ME flashed before my eyes.

Do I want this? 

This no-attachment-whatever-aside-from-the-physical kind of set up.

Will I allow myself to be used?


He was late on the first day and since all seats were already taken at the back, he had no choice but to sit in front.

He was cute - really cute and I knew then of another reason why I would specially attend to this class.

Sir, sorry po kanina. 12-000002 said when he approached me after class.

Sorry saan? ME

Sa pagiging late po. Tapos sa harap pa po ako umupo. 12-000002

Ah, well, don't do it again. Make sure lang 'di kita maunahan. ME

Okay po Sir. Thank you po. 12-000002

No prob - bawi ka na lang. ME


Sir, paano po ako makakabawi? 12-000002 messaged in FB 

ME was in one of the more boring meetings.

Bawi saan? ME

Sa pagiging late ko po lagi. 12-000002 

Late din naman ako lagi sa class nyo, ang aga kasi. ME

Eh Sir buti sana kung nauunahan kita. 12-000002 

Hmmmm - sige, do you want to attend na lang my PM classes? ME offered

Eh Sir may class po kami 'gang 5PM po. 12-000002 

Hmmmm - my class ako ng 5PM pa. ME

Eh Sir may church practice po nun. 12-000002 

Puwes, agahan mo na lang tlga. Hehe. ME

Hehehe, Okay po Sir. Thank you po. 12-000002 

ME didn't reply after that.

Sir, my pasok po ba sa Sabado? 12-000002  messaged again.

Yup. Bakit? ME

Eh Sir, birthday ko po sa sabado. 12-000002 

Ah talaga - happy birthday advance! ME

Thank you po Sir. Gift ko po? Hehehe. 12-000002 

Something suddenly lit - a light bulb I think.

He was cute. ME pursued.

What do you want? ME

Joke lang po Sir. Nakakahiya po. 12-000002 

Hindi nga - you asked me e - mapapahiya ako niyan. ME

Kayo po bahala Sir. kahit ano namin po pwede. 12-000002 

Sige - I'll treat you dinner na lang. ME

Luto ka sir? 12-000002

Nakow - wala akong alam sa pagluluto. ME

Hahaha. Ganun ba sir? Ako na lang po - palengke tayo. 12-000002

Ngek - birthday mo tapos ikaw pa pagtratrabahuin ko? ME

Okay lang sa akin sir - basta sagot nyo pampalengke. Hehe. 12-000002

Oo naman! ME


Tinola na lang tayo sir a. 12-000002 said - we were in the supermarket.

Sure - okay yan, sabaw. ME

At akala ko ba isasama mo barkada mo sa school? ME continued

Magugulo yung mga yun sir - nakita nyo naman sa class. 12-000002

ME really enjoyed goofing off at the supermarket and ME enjoyed more the cooking demo 12-000002  did at home.


Pwede mo nang palitan si Chef Logro. ME said after dinner while eating the slices of cake we bought - one lemon, one chocolate and a mango torte.

Haha. Salamat sir. 12-000002

12-000002  then stood up, went to get two glasses of water, he then sat beside me, gave me the glass and gave me the sweetest of smile and then kissed my cheeks.

Thanks sir. 12-000002

ME was stunned.

ME smiled, stood up and got another glass of water.

When ME turned around, 12-000002  was behind ME.

Paano ako babawi sayo sir? 12-000002  asked. He was holding my hip.

Gawd! My body wanted to move towards him but alas ME said:

Upo ka muna.

12-000002  sat on the couch and ME sat on the opposite couch.

Look - your a sweet kid. ME started. Pero you're in my class at hindi ko kayang abusuhin yun. ME finished.

Wala naman makaka-alam sir e. 12-000002  defended

Ako - alam ko. ME rebutted

Ayaw mo ba sa akin? 12-000002

ME liked him. A lot. ME think 12-000002  knows that too.

Alam mo sagot diyan. ME said.

Pero? 12-000002

Pero, its inappropriate. ME

Eh bakit mo pa ako ininvite sa bahay mo? 12-000002

ME smiled.

I shouldn't have. ME said


I'm not a predator - that's not my profile. And I don't think I want to be that.

While I know a number who are (not just in school but at work) - I think I can sleep better at night knowing I have not used my position to my advantage.

Besides, I'm not one to handle a scandal.

It was wrong I invited him or pursued his flirting.

It was wrong that there was dinner.

I just wish I could have reflected on this prior.

So here's to self restraint, making responsible decisions, scaring yourself with a potential scandal and stopping while you can. 


  1. idol talaga kita dyan hehe. ang daming tukso sa school. but i can proudly say that i have never messed and will never mess with any of my students.

  2. Decisions carve life.
    This is one sharp move Sir.
    Congratulations :)

    1. thank you ♔ıǝɹɯɐı♔ - barely made it... hehe

  3. Replies
    1. hehehe - welcome to my attempts on life mwotaji. :)

  4. Temptations. How we wish they were gone...

    But we all know it's futile.

    1. We just have to fight those we can and those that would most likely to put in in very compromising situations... Hehehe.

      Thanks Guyrony.

  5. *pouted lips*

    ♫Diba ako'y tao lang na nadadarang at natutukso riiiiiin....♫

    1. Hahahahaha! I actually heard Madam Zsazsa on the background!

  6. yung isa na lang kasi... graduate na yun.


    1. Hahahahaha! Working on it gillboard... :)

  7. I hope he's not the kind who makes up stories. That was a very dangerous move, sir.

  8. I know - it really was... And lesson learned - i want to sleep at night knowing there's no brewing scandal the next day...

  9. Sometimes, we are presented with situations which are tempting. It's up for us to decide. Kudos for your "self-restraint" and your peace of mind. Now, you have the upper-hand. Mahirap din sa ngayon dahil napaka-aggressive ng mga kabataan and if we are not careful, madadala tayo at pagsisihan natin and mga puedeng mangyari. Take care always!!!

    1. Yes sir - ultimately we are the ones left to decide and are responsible. And yeah on the aggressiveness of the youth - grabe sila ngaun, they're either growing up too fast or we're growing too old, too fast. Hehe. Take care always too.