Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bobo lang...

Sana bobo na lang ako.

I would be so irrational that I would blame everyone else around me for putting me in a position that I now find myself in...


Ang hirap lang.

I'm trying to argue with me that I very well  know everything will lead to nothing while on the other hand, I want to blame the world and play victim for what happened...


Its just altogether frustrating.

I feel like bursting into anger and hate but I know I can't because my rational side says I deserve all that's happening... That I am responsible for all this...



I would give up one day of my life for me to just be able to convince myself that its not my fault and that i'm not to blame for feeling what I am feeling... (No, don't take this as a suicidal statement. Shoot, there's that rationality again...)


  1. kung anu man yang pinagdadaanan mo just hang on.

    this too shall pass!

  2. With every mistake you'll ever commit, sum it up and you'll have the biggest regret! But think! One day there would be a successful thing in your life! And you will say! Thank god I didnt quit!

  3. k shenanigans: thank you - i guess, that's the only thing left to do... :)

    k mylifeisnotperfectbutiamhappy: i am hopeful for the best. :)