Friday, December 2, 2011

Iron Lady...

SHE came.

Like the first time she insisted that we meet - SHE wouldn't take NO for an answer.


It won't go away. SHE

ME stared at her.

That feeling - yung betrayal and hate. It won't go away. SHE

You hate HE for US? ME

Yes. Even after I got to know you. I hated his guts. SHE

Why are you telling me this SHE. ME

Because I want to rub salt on your wound... I so want to tell you na yan, buti nga sayo p*ta ka! Eh di naramdaman mo yung naramdamn ko dati? SHE

I was looking at her.

P*tang *na mo rin! ME

Our eyes met.

Then we both laughed.

Its not something you did. You have to believe that. Ganun lang talaga siya. SHE

I don't want to hate HE. ME

You don't have to. Love him more now for all I care pero you and I both know that its time now to look forward. SHE

How do you do that? ME

To each his own. I had the twins then. SHE

I don't have anybody. ME

G*go. Eh ano tawag mo sa akin? And the twins? You know they like you because you spoil them rotten when i'm not looking. SHE

I smiled.

And HE - we have HE. Not in the same way but I trust, learning from me, that you know you have HE. SHE

Somehow... ME


I admire SHE more now.


  1. it's wonderful what the end of one thing brings us, no?

    this made me smile.

  2. And again the complexity of life is on a roll...

  3. Hands down, you have the most interesting story I've come across in a while. Somebody call Ate Charo. I see a wonderful Piolo MMK episode.

  4. k engel: yeah - it is. i feel better now.

    k Pointless Paranoia: same here sir.

    k Guyrony: what would we ever do without it? :)

    k citybuoy: i wish didn't most of the time... but hey - i guess it how life works...

  5. i echo citybuoy. wow, i don't know if i can handle what you have. wait, no, i know i can't.

  6. k nishi: sure you can. :) we are all often forced to act on circumstances that we are not prepared for - we just have to face it head on and hope that it'll hurt less than we imagined. thanks jap.