Monday, November 21, 2011


It sounds so final.


I've just been attempting to cope for the past month.

Sabi ko kahit malampasan ko lang denial - mas magiging okay na ako.

I want to rant about it and say how hurtful and painful it all is.

Pero I can't do that kasi I know that at the back of my mind, I have always been an option - dispensable.

Now I feel angry.

With ME more than anyone.


  1. Is there perhaps still forgiveness?

  2. You know what you got yourself into.

    acceptance is a few stages away.

    you'll be fine.


  3. k Guyrony: there's is nothing to forgive in the first place - its just over. that's all.

    k engel: i know... and its frustrating that i know... i want to just hone the anger and denial and be hateful for once... but i know i can't...

    k Eternal Wanderer: all will be well... thank you.

  4. I've been in the same position K. And this might sound trite but they say it's better to be thankful that it happened. Look at it at the bright side ika nga. You were at one point in your life, loved. And by a person you loved. Take care of yourself now K.

  5. Oh Kaloy. I feel for you. =( Alam kong mahirap. You know, I've learned its okay to rant really. I mean, our friends will take it, it's those times they know we need them.


  6. k Kryptonite User: Yeah - i will take care of myself now. :)

    k Kane: I did rant. All is well. Thank you.

  7. aw. this is sad. fan nyo pa naman ako. nevertheless, nakikita lang ang liwanag ng buwan tuwing gabi. huuug!! kaya mo yan.

  8. k Anonymous: i wish i knew what that meant... hehe. but hey - prang guy & pip lang yan - we all have to move forward... soon i hope. thank you.

  9. holy mother of all mothers! why? of all people, I envy what you have because I know no matter how hard I try i cant be in your shoes with sorry...

  10. k ortigaswanderer: you don't have to be sorry... i just guess all things have to end eventually. here's to looking forward.

  11. whoa....where did that come from? weren't things going just fine? i guess, i'm just shocked.....i don't know you personally, i just know you from this blog, i admire you for what you write about and how you write about it....aaaawwwww:(

  12. k Anonymous (2): i was taken aback too. but i'm dealing with it now. thank you - i don't know you as well but i'm more than glad to the silent followers of this blog's attempt to communicate.

  13. Replies
    1. we'll all be okay... i know now that all this has to happen for something... :)