Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An Introduction to a S*xually Free Marriage...

I was in Cubao Expo last night and found a book.

The Complete Handbook for A Sexually Free Marriage
by John and Mimi Lobell

What? Seryoso NO S*X?! sabi ko sa isip nung una. But having gone through the table of contents and the first chapters, HO MAY GAWD! na lang nasambit ko.

Simple lang ang sinasabi ng libro: It's okay to have sex outside your marriage so long as there is a need and that you and your spouse have talked and agreed on it.

Here are some of the excerpts.

Of course, there are many ways to have a happy marriage. Far too often, though, sexual monogamy is assumed to be an inviolable prerequisite. It isn't... In fact, sexual monogamy can become a fetishistic bondage, a modern-day chastity belt that prevents partners in a marriage from being friends with each other and from developing as individuals. Illicit sex is the traditional way out of such marriages: secret affairs, furtive lunch hours in hotels, lying about working late, and so on.

Sex was to be done in the dark... Anything else was prurient, hedonistic, depraved, satanic lust! The idea that a person can and should limit his or her sexual expression to one other partner for an entire lifetime will soon seem equally ridiculous.

People have always had sex outside of marriage. Adultery has been around for as long as marriage. The differences we are proposing are that (1) there is nothing wrong with it, and (2) in a loving and workable marriage between equals, the spouses can also be honest with each other about it.

And oh, the book was published 1975.

And oh-oh, the authors are married with no children.

PS. Not done with the book but i find it very provocative. Hehehe.


  1. k Nishiboy: oo ba! hehehe. kaso sa kalumaan nung book, only a double clip holds it together. :)