Thursday, January 20, 2011

'S' Kaloy...

My students call me 'S' Kaloy.

The 'S' is for Sir. Hihihihihi.

On the start of classes, I have them sign an attendance sheet. On it is a posted question they should answer after they sign their names.

I find it a good mental exercise to prepare them for class discussion - classes are, after all, Socratic: Everyday is recitation day! Hehehehe.

I don't do roll class - they are a waste of time.


At the start of the year, I usually do a bucket list. So this year, I had my students suggest the one thing that they want me to do that they think I haven't done before.

60% says to pass them in class. (Hahahaha! I am a very lenient instructor, I have failed only one (1) student for ONLY coming to class after the midterm exams.)

30% says I should treat the class  to pizza or kwek-kwek or beer. (I am tempted as I have been late for my classes habitually. Bad! Kaloy! Bad!)

8% says to stay at equilibrium and not do anything new. (I don't know whether they're scared of my life and their grades if I die or they just simply like me the way I currently am.)

2% asked me to do the impossible. (Things, I know, in myself that I will not be able to do. Well, not at least with a good motivation. Like say, I get to kiss Craig Horner... Hihihihi)


Here's the 2% bit of their answers:

  • Try mo ko!! HAHAHA JOKE =)) (Hmmm... If he were taller... JOKE!)
  • TRY U MAGPAKASTRAIGHT SIR, TAPOS MAKAGF ULIT? (Ulit? My nalaman ba itong estudyanteng ito sa nakaraan ko?)
  • Try nyo umakyat pababa. Heheheh!!! (Di ba? the things they would like me to do!)
  • Pumasok ng maagang maaga :) (This one, I really can't commit to inasmuch as I want. :c)
  • BRING HIS BOYFRIEND IN ONE OF OUR CLASS :D (I have been asking HE to help me out during exams kasi departmentals usually para maiwasan ang leakage pero to no avail. HE's kinda scared of crowds - too many eyes on him would drive him bonkers.)
  • Magklase sa LUNETA!! Heheheh =) (I honestly do not know why this was suggested.)
  • BASKETBALL 1 ON 1 (Hmmm... This one's kinda cute... You think it has double meaning? An invitation perhaps.. Hehehe.)


But, albeit the tempting suggestions, my 2011 bucket list is empty up until now. I haven't found time to reflect on the things I wanted to do this year.

Perhaps, I don't need one this year.


Let ME try being spontaneous and impulsive this year - see where I get to.


  1. Their suggestions are good but I think (and this is me being imposing) our bucket list should only have 2 words: be happy! so tara na sa jollibee!

  2. k ʎonqʎʇıɔ: be happy - yup, that about summarizes it... hehehe... and perhaps even make others happy too... ;p