Saturday, January 8, 2011

OF Cold Floors and the Smell of Bacon...

May lalake si SHE... HE

No hellos...

No hugs...

No kisses...

Just plain - May lalake si SHE


I was choosing between a turtle neck and a polo shirt.

Game plan was to hide the tattoo until WE get naked - I figured HE would not get into an argument while WE are in the middle of you-know-what...

I opted for the shirt, the turtle neck was just too obvious that something was up.

Leaving SHE's. HE texted

Bigla akong kinabahan - siguro excited lang ako.

That's how I am before s*x - or least when I know that I'm gonna score some...

There was a knock - it was HIS knock, I have been accustomed to its beat: three full knocks, a pause then two soft thuds...

I opened the door...


Yan, nasabi ko na. Judge me all you want... HE

HE was opening a pack of bacon already.

Your going to hate me for what I'm going to say but I need to say it. HE warned

What is SHE thinking - SHE's a mother of two! And SHE's my wife! Kasal siyang babae... HE continued.

He got a pan and turned the stove on.

Call me a pig... HE said

Pig. I said

Pero iba talaga kung sa babae. Double standard kung double standard. I'm guilty all you want pero that's how I feel... HE continued.

HE was now frying 5 strips of bacon.

What would you do without bacon? ME

HE looked at ME.

What would I do without you? HE

I looked at the tiled floor and smiled.

Come here. HE said.

I came closer. HE held ME by the waist then gently rubbed his lips over mine.

Hmmmmm. I hummed.

Let's do this. HE

Lets... ME


My back aches. Let's not do it on the kitchen floor again. ME

Hahahahahahaha. HE

WE were spooning on the cold floor. It should have been romantic but the floor was just too cold...

And don't think you could hide that from me. HE as he run his finger from my nape and down my spine.

I wasn't going to... ME

I like it - I just hope you'll like when you're all wrinkled. HE

I just hope you'll still like ME when I'm all wrinkled... ME

That would not be a problem... HE tightened his hug.

And SHE... I started.

I said my piece - I needed to say it. That's that. I should be the last person to judge. HE

My... My... Have we grown? ME

Don't mock... Pero you know what? I think somewhere inside is still a bruised straight male ego. HE

Kasi SHE is finally moving on from your marriage... ME

That and siguro, I really didn't expect it... Pero you know what, I'm happy with you and SHE should also be... HE

My smile went from ear to ear.

You know I'm proud of you, right? ME

HE kissed my nape.

And I of you. HE

And the coldness suddenly felt tolerable.

WE were warm.


  1. parang assumptionistang san lo lang ako sa kilig.


  2. looks hopeful for you.

    ang init talaga ng cold floor. :D

  3. k shenanigans: naku, i'm anything but poetic... hehehe... thanks!

    k Eternal Wanderer...: hahahaha - susunod nyan magfle-flames na... ;p

    k engel: and i bet for you too... ;p... and PS: gay couples should consider carpeting their whole house... even the walls... hehehehe

  4. Melodramatic and mature.

    Just how people should act when it comes to relationships...

  5. k Guyrony: i'm all melodramatic, i think this is an inherent right for PLUs - but mature, that's still contestable. hehehe. thanks for the comment! ;p

  6. Wow. So there is a new character in the show.

    May kabit ang sister wife mo. I love. I wonder how the dynamics of your relationships will change. Interesting.


  7. k Kane: i fervently hope it doesn't change too many things... and welcome back - machu picchu looked just magical... ;p