Tuesday, March 22, 2016

About J...

J's stealing. HE said

Huh?! ME said in shock.

J's stealing from me. HE repeated.

What? How? And why would J? ME couldn't believe what ME is hearing.

It started with the little things, a belt, then my wayfarers, then my watch, then my perfume, and then another watch. HE narrated.

Baka naman hiniram, ganyan naman tayo dati. ME said.

Oo, pero siya, hindi siya nag-sasauli. HE

 Eh baka kailanagan niya pa. ME

Hindi din. I confronted him about the perfume. HE

And? ME

He denied it. HE

ME was really just in shock.

And the watch, I heard it alarm one time and it came from his bag. HE

Baka naman... ME was trying to be the devil's advocate

No - that's my alarm, I have woken up to it for the past year and a half. I know my alarms. HE

So now what? ME

Hindi ko naman ipagdadamot yung mga gamit ko. J can ask for it, i'll give it to him - you know how I am. It's just really unsettling: the idea that J is stealing. Parang wala na akong sense of security around him. I now keep all my watch in my office drawers. HE

I just can't really believe it. I'd still like to think you're wrong about all this. Hindi ba naghahanap ka lang ng excuse to break it off with J? ME said honestly.

Really? You're thinking that? K, I'm not looking for a way out. This is not an excuse. I just really don't like thieves. Saka nagkulang ba ako sa kanya? I give him more than what he asks - whatever he needs or wants he can freely tell me. I'm a good provider K - you know that very well. HE

I know that. But what you're telling me is just batsh*t crazy. What could be J's motivations for doing it? Clepto ba siya or what? ME asked some more

I don't know. I guess I just have to find out. HE


What HE said is just crazy - no words but crazy. J looks fairly decent and he's not even that economically challenged. He goes to a good school, clothes are leaning on the almost high-end.

Oh gosh, ME judges people based on looks. How shallow. Hahahahaha!

But honestly, J does not strike me as a thief. So ME was just really at a lost about what HE said.

Yeah, so here's to things that keep relationships "interesting."


  1. Pang ilang chapter na ito? :D

    Interesting life, you have.

    1. Haha! Time is condensed in the blog but on most days - I am as un-interesting as can be.

  2. just curious, are you still with M? you know i've been checking your blog when i have time and i'm somewhat kilig if you're talking about you and M...

    1. I'm still with M. Three years now I think.

  3. "J looks fairly decent and he's not even that economically challenged. He goes to a good school, clothes are leaning on the almost high-end."

    I read the second "about J" post first...given na pogi, I wouldn't be surprised if he uses that as a skillset to wear those "almost high-end" clothing.

    oh, and youre friend's a bit, hmmm tanga nga.
    Pero sige, wapo 'ka nyo.