Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Like Most Things Should Be...

No HE or SHE this time to discuss my musings with - it's entirely a conversation with ME.

I feel too old already for the drama that should accompany a relationship - I've grown tired of it all.

So just like when I decided to give love a chance with M, so I am deciding to suck it up and stay with M.

We all slip once in while and I am not dismissing the idea that there will be no future slips - things happen, that's just how certain things are. I have come to accept this as a universal constant.

But eventually, we decide on how to act on these "things."

I cannot find anyone like M and no, I'm not shortchanging myself.

If for anything, its M that's shortchanged by my insufficiency.

So like most things should be - this is ME making an adult decision to stay. To forgive.

I remember my Mama saying: And our hearts - they may break a thousand times but they mend a thousand times too if that's what it takes.

Here's most things...


  1. Hello, K. Please keep writing. Your posts are as poignant as they are insightful, as bittersweet as they are heartwrenching(in a good way).

  2. i just love your blog so much and i just hope you'd post more..

    every now and then I check your blog for updates and get sad if there's none... there's just something about you story that's very empowering..

    1. It was the least intention of the blog to empower - but i'm glad and happy that (in some way) it does. Thank you.