Monday, April 14, 2014

To You...

You've been here - countless times.

You know how it feels.

And you are well too familiar with the dilemma.

You understand - even empathize.

And I know too how I sound - trapped in a vicious cycle of letting-love and letting-go.

And at the back of both our minds, perhaps, we have expected this.

You were hopeful for something different, I was too.

God! I struggled.

Every. Single. Day.

But as the fates would have it - I'm back to were I left off.

I tried.

I really did.

To have a different ending.

To be in a different place.

To fight another battle.

But all have lead me back to the same place - the same person.

You know how hard it is to run against the current - to brave against the direction of the wind.

I tried. More than you know, I tried.

And it left me empty.

It left me tired.

Perhaps I'm weak.

Or scared.

Or both.

I'm just done...

I'm done fighting it.

I'm done fighting ME.


  1. Lalim. Hope you'll find your happiness :-)

  2. You know, you could either face it or fake it. The choice is up to you. And this time, try to be firm with your decisions. Being firm helps. Trust me :)

    1. I'm worst at being firm - hot and cold. But yes, I will try. :)