Thursday, April 3, 2014

Not in the Mood...

I have not been into s*x for the last months.

I have not had the appetite for it.

No - its not M.

M's hot.

Its just that I'm tired too often and not even M's overflowing s*x appeal would get me in the mood.


Magbabawas ako a. M said after I turned him down.

Ha? Me acting innocent.

'Di ko kaya eh. kailangan kong ilabas. M said.

I kissed M's ears.

Gusto ko makita ka ng mabuti habang nagpapalabas. I whispered.

I could see M smile.

M went on top of me, raised his left hand and grabbed his hair and went on to wrap his right hand on his p*nis.

He gyrated and moved on top of me never breaking eye contact until he came - and came again.


That would have put me in the mood.

But it didn't - what is wrong with me?


  1. I bet a vacation will put you in the mood :)

    1. I am yearning for it. Maybe soon.

  2. I have been in that phase a few months ago.. Sex just gets tiring and boring. What made sex great again was after not having it for a few weeks. Now that my partner is in SG I long for him to be beside me

    1. Here's to hoping this would work for ME. :)

  3. bata na yu arh nu mamilyar wid it oder kaya wala ta ta mud :)

  4. Replies
    1. I am finding it a feat to balance them. Hehe. But here's to trying!