Sunday, February 16, 2014

Because You Don't Stop Letting Go...

HE never missed a Birthday and a Valentines to send ME a card. Regardless of fights, the intermittent separations and those times of tension-filled silences, ME always had a card.

Over the weekend, ME thought (and maybe hoped a little) that come Monday, HE's card would sit on my table. ME would open it and there would be that familiar phrase HE always signs his name in: "I love you and always will..."

Come Monday - there was no card on my table.

And ME felt an overwhelming kind of sadness.

It all feels like an eternal letting-go.

That every time ME remembers HE, ME would have to repeat performance and let-go again.


On other news, I and M spent a post-valentines date with my high school classmates (and their partners too). This is one of the things I could have never done with HE.

But M had one to many drinks and I literally spent our post-date, cleaning M and his vomit on the bed, the sheets and pillows and the bedroom walls and curtains. I never knew one could vomit so much.

M woke up with a massive headache and I never really slept. LOL!


  1. Parang mas sweet yung una. With HE.

  2. It's good you get to spend time with friends. Relationships strengthen I think when we have support from friends

  3. Hmmm :) We really do not know what to expect in life at times. :) :)

    1. I would love to have foresight though on things to come. :)