Tuesday, August 7, 2012

On the 9th Day...

Its been raining for 6 days straight but that didn't stop ME from going home. My Ate is having her baby christened and ME'll be ex-communicated if ME don't show up.

Home was haven to say the least. Crispy tinapa in the morning. Spicy pinapaitan then some authentic pinakbet in the afternoon . And grilled okra, talong at tilapia at night.  Heaven.

ME was planning to go home on the 8th day of rain but my Mama bribed with with crispy dinuguan (yeah, ME likes my food crispy). Weak as  I am - I agreed.

It was nice doing Tito duty for my niece. She's an angel - let's see years from now what she'll turn into. Hehe.


9th day of rain, ME hailed a bus at 3PM. It was a seven-hour ride back to the Metro. 

ME missed my stop at Paramount and just alighted at the bus station. I hailed a cab.

The usual 15-minute cab ride turned into an hour because streets were starting to get flooded.

I got to the apartment. Climb the usual flight of stairs.

And saw HE sitting - his back against my door.

HE was drenched.

ME went to the door. 

HE looked up and stood. 

ME opened the door, turned the lights on and looked back.

HE did not attempt to come in.

I stretched my hands and he took it.

HE went straight to the bathroom and automatically, ME went to the room - got hold of a towel, boxers, and a shirt. ME opened the bathroom - it was unlocked as usual.  ME hanged the towel and clothes and went out.

ME turned the stove on, opened a canned soup and heated it.

HE went out of the bathroom and went straight to the room to put the towel in its usual rack.

We ate the soup in silence. HE washed the dishes as usual.

ME proceeded to the room.

ME felt HE's arms embrace me after a while.

And we slept.


The 10th day of rain was the worst. Work was suspended. HE and ME just stayed home and watched the news. We went through the day like what we usually do - together in the couch. 

It was awkward at first like a first date but then HE held my hand and squeezed it and it just felt like home again.


There were no apologies. There was just silence. 

And that silence was all we needed for now.

I guess ME always knew HE was coming back.

And ME always knew HE would be welcomed back - no questions... No pretensions...

So here goes again... 


  1. Replies
    1. that's a very subtle wow you have there.

  2. Replies
    1. knowing HE, i think this is a planned accident...

  3. It's rather sweet. And almost bitter at the same time. Oh well :D

  4. My God!!!!!!!!!!!

    People will have different perspectives on second chances. But I can just imagine how happy you are right now Kaloy!!!!!!!

    Keep me posted. And wow, you always knew?

    1. yeah - im kinda feeling the "different perspectives" vibe but no judgments so far... i take it a good sign.

      and yes - i am happy. very.

      thanks Kane.

  5. And we go back to our vicious cycle.

    1. i wish i can say it would be different this time...

  6. oh my gulay...so HE's back!!!

  7. Hi Kaloy! I already have your blog in reader for quite a while but I just finished all of your posts now.

    I love everything about it, the way you write and share your stories, its superb! Mahilig din ako sa musicals kaya i appreciate your post about funny girl. haha.

    So He's back, hmm... this is really something.

    1. Hello LJ. Thank you. I'm getting acquainted with your blog. :)

      Yep, i could watch Funny Girl forever!!!

      And yep, HE's back.

  8. love this line

    " HE held my hand and squeezed it and it just felt like home again. "

    1. thank you bratinello.

      PS: I am a fan of Zara too - very much.