Friday, August 17, 2012


You always have an umbrella with you - why'd you get wet? ME over dinner and referring to the night I sa HE at my doorstep

Why did you let me in? HE asked

Kasi basa ka. ME said.

Exactly. Its called a contingency plan - I had to have a plan so you'll let me in. HE grins at me.

Good plan. ME smiled.

ME loves these moments - when we just sync together.

ME continued eating and the food tasted sublime. It was sauteed corned beef. Funny how simple everyday food or routine become suddenly an explosion of wonderful things when your happy.

Then HE looked at ME - pursed lips.

I think I'm keeping J. HE said

The corned beef turned sour and bitter automatically.

ME looked at him.

Hindi yan paalam no? ME

HE shook his head.

God - is this how HE told SHE? Is this how SHE felt?

There were a million things running on my mind but ME don't have the comprehension of what was happening or what should ME do.

So ME just nodded. 

And we were silent again.


  1. And just when the sun was about to shine, the rain clouds came and spoiled the picture. Tsk.

    1. I am trying my best to see the silver linings again...

  2. Awwww. So sad, but Gillboard is right. I think the more important question is, WILL YOU KEEP HE?

  3. Is this necessary Kaloy?

    Let the wounds heal first

    Sorry am I being too harsh? hope not.

    1. I feel it necessary Rusell... I know no other way of living but with HE.

  4. Why do fools fall in love, Kaloy?

    This is not only for you but for all of us...

  5. What will be the best thing to say to someone who is in this type of situation?

    Hmm... I think there is none.

    But, I am hoping that it will work well with everybody.

  6. I'm hopeful you can handle this better this time.
    It took me eight years to realize mine.

    1. I am still going to be a mess LanchiE - but this is what i decide to do.

  7. Two's company; three's a crowd and four...? I think it is unfair to the three of you to give 100% to HE and he can only give 33.33% Para sa akin, mas mabuti pang masaktan ako ng minsan kaysa sa masaktan at masasaktan palagi...Why not ask your mother? Maybe she can see something and can give you the wisdom that you need...

    1. I agree. The keyword is self-respect.

    2. I have never thought of it that way until I read your comment. For ME, it was always what we are giving. Someone once said, we are hurt not because we give love but that we expect to receive it back. I know you guys mean the best for me so thank you for looking out for ME's interest. I think ME knows what mother will say and is not prepared to hear it yet... :)

  8. Dear, I never said I had let go of mine.
    I've just made it more manageable.

    And if you need someone to talk to, you know how to reach me.