Monday, April 23, 2012

If my Life were Songs...

HE tried calling.

7-9 missed calls, HE gets the idea that I didn't want to pick up.

HE texted.

Just to talk. You know I miss you. HE

I fought the urge not to text HE back.

But ME replied with Gago, its my *ss you miss. 

Yeah, and that. HE replied.

I miss your *ss too... ME

Hahaha. You were always funny K. HE

Then this popped in ME's head:

Funny Girl is my all time favorite Barbra film tied with The Way We Were - I cry every time.

And if anything good came out with HE's text, its that ME can finally sing my heart out to my all time favorite scene in the movie like a diva.

You see, ME is a funny guy... sige na nga - girl! Although I'd like to think ME's witty - not funny. The song, though it struck a handful of chords before, hit the home run with ME when HE texted.

I know HE wants to have the HE-SHE relationship with ME but other that the two of us, there's no other bond that necessitates further communication. We don't have kids.

ME texted back: What for? Talking I mean.

I saying sorry and you forgiving me. Hehehe. HE answered

Then automatically, ME pushed a play button and ME was at a cliff:

I don't want to talk. ME replied.

HE didn't text back.

It would be a lot easier on my part if HE doesn't text back or text at all or call forever.

That would do me good.

PS: I love musicals. I wish I could just cue to a song and dance number whenever it strikes me. Back-up dancers, singers, confetti and all...


  1. The volley of texts might be subtle but the emotions are intense.

    Don't we just wish we could swipe away our hurt for someone who used to give us every single reason for living?

    So until when will you heal kaloy?

    1. i wish i could answer you in a heartbeat. but i know, as well as you do, that wounds like heartbreaks are not the easiest to heal... but getting there... :)

  2. how can a self-respecting beki not <3 lowla barang?

  3. wala na ba talagang chance? #kungmakapagaskngchancekalamoakosiME


    1. there are lots of chances - at least i believe it to be. pero siguro its a matter of taking those chances or finding other opportunities - :)

  4. Been thinking about how you write about him and I realized the structure you used actually prohibits you from using the same term HE for another guy.

    In a sense, he will always and forever be HE to you. Unless you rewrite your story to give it new meaning.

    And yes, I know how it is to miss someone Kaloy.


    1. you always figure me out Kane. :)

  5. Kala ko magkakasundo kayo in the end...but its alright,take your time :-)

  6. I love this. Pang musical ang buhay mo, K! haha these two songs bring back memories of specific people in my life. ang sakit naman na same guy siya for you. i can only imagine.

    1. deep breath. but i love that these songs can say what i can't.