Sunday, August 14, 2011

MID Terms...

Gave midterms last weekend. Akala ko magiging uneventful kasi magbibigay lng naman ako ng test, tatahimik ng 1.5 hours, maybe entertain a couple of questions, collect exams and move on to the next.

But no.


First class.

While giving instructions, ME standing in front of the teacher's table, class president walks up to me and whispers in my ear...

Sir, bukas zipper nyo.

I swear I was so embarrassed but mustered enough face to just sit behind my table and continue.


Second class.

After collecting the papers. One student stays in class.

Interviewed her and found out, she has an older sister and a younger brother.

She asked me about my parents and I told her that their not together anymore.

She told me her dad was gay.


I asked how they were handling it.

The dad does not talk about it but they all know. His brother even gets into brawls because they tease their dad. The Mom is projecting coolness for it all and even jokes that the dad takes his boyfriends home pra daw makilala naman daw nila.

I asked her how she felt.

Tanggap ko naman Sir, kasi nung bata pa kami ganun na - sanay na. Mahirap lang kung minsan kasi pati pinsan namin napapatos ni papa.



I have 200 papers to check but i have to set the mood first - like it or not, grading (esp. on essays) depends highly on my moods.


HE's done checking the objective parts though and insists on starting with the essay.

I'm tempted but i know my kids better - mas magbibigay ako ng consideration kaysa kay HE na mali lang ang subject-verb agreement, itlog na ibibigay.

Here's to loving what you do and hoping what you do loves you back!


  1. haha. nagtuturo ka rin pala. nice. :-) kami we are approaching the final exams already. btw, it was my first term in teaching and im super loving it! :-)

  2. k kenchu: tenchu! hehe. yes, i teach on weekends as part-time. :)

  3. naku, i get that alot din. ewan ko sakit ata yang paglimot ng pagsara ng zipper.

    pero grabe yung dad is gay. feeling ko ang hirap ihandle pag ganun, lalo na for a son.

  4. what struck me most was the post's last sentence...sobrang ok sya na i should say words of wisdom to a "whorekaholic" dude in me :)


    i'll teach na din pala next sem if not summer :) looking forward to that actually :)

  5. k gillboard: ahaha-chronic illness of sorts... i asked kung bading din yung kapatid nya, so far hindi nmn daw... but i think he'll come to terms with it kasi alam nmn nila since nung mga bata pa sila... thanks for the comment gillboard!

    k ortigaswanderer: we can only hope... hehehe... you will love teaching! i promise! :) the sleepless nights checking works and exams and preparing lessons - its all worth it when you get results... Apir!

  6. hello hello sir! dumadami nagtuturong blogger dito :)) thanks for dropping by.

  7. k sir mots: thanks for dropping by too sir!