Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sirang Payong...

It was raining...

Perfect I thought - the heavens decided to pour just when you have decided to wear your white pants and have conveniently left your umbrella at home.

I went back to the office. I know somewhere hidden in the storeroom is an umbrella I purposely leave in the office for my "just-in-case-i-forget-to-bring-an-umbrella-from-home" scenarios. There it was, nestled between the Domex and the Toilet Duck is a black umbrella. I grabbed it and headed down again.

I opened the umbrella - two of its stretchers were broken and the crook handle was loose. But the wind was gentle, so I decided to walk to a mall near the area and wait for HIM there. I stepped into the rain and oh boy - did i regret it...

The umbrella had small holes in it enough for rain water to sip through. Pero sabi ko, andun na din lng ako so move forward na. So I got to the mall drenched and my coat put on a kilo due to the water it absorbed. At the mall entrance, as I was about to be frisked by the guard, I saw this lady, unlike me, she was heavily soaked... But funny, on her hand is an umbrella too.

Nakakatuwang isipin na may mga bagay sa buhay ko na kahit na sira ay pinipilit ko pa ring gamitin. Case point: the umbrella. I perfectly knew that it was broken and that I would get wet anyway in using it, but I used it nonetheless.

Siguro umasa ako na kahit papaano, it would help me get less wet. Nakakatawa naman ako, okay na gamitin ko yung sirang payong kasi it would get me "less" wet - like that would make a difference.

Hindi lang payong actually, I have a mug that has a broken handle that I still use kasi mas masarap magkape sa mug na yon... Yung mga bowls ko din sa bahay may mga cracks na pero I still use it to serve noodles - kasi parang mas masarap ang noodles pag dun nakalagay...

I have a habit of using things that are broken - perhaps that's reason why I can't seem to fix myself. I like bits and pieces of broken things - I find comfort in the fact that they're not perfect and that when they were perfect, they gave me the greatest of joys.

Tamang drama lang pero come to think of it, HE and ME - we're two broken things. Para kaming sirang payong na butas-butas at dilapidated na pero gamit na gamit pa rin. I guess we both enjoy the rain, kaso, to psyche ourselves na we are not going to get sick, nagpapayong kami - kahit wala naman naitutulong... Kahit in the end, we get the flu.

A day after, in the same mall...

I'm here at the rear entrance. It was HE
Coming. ME

In HIS car...

I got that for you.HE
Hahaha - napasin mo?ME

It was a new umbrella.

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