Monday, November 12, 2018

Same Old Place...

"Nasa Laguna ako, kasama ko mag-ina ko." 

And with one text, I'm back to the place I have struggled so hard to leave.

Sometimes, I feel like there's a permanently marked sign on my forehead that says: Pumapatol sa pamilyado. Welcome, please come in.

I don't plan these things - though I'm guilty on ignoring the red flags.

I prolong finding out the truth because I get lost in a dream and the promise of a future.

Alam ko ilusyanada ako.

Perhaps, after everything, illusion is all I have left.

So yeah, what a way to break a blogging hiatus.


  1. Welcome back, Kaloy. :( I wish you were here under better circumstances but happy to see a familiar face nonetheless.

    A close friend said to me that bad situations will keep reoccuring until you perform a hard reset. Parang video game. So he says do something you would NEVER do, like if you're not the type to pay for sex, get a hooker. haha I don't know, maybe that'll help?

  2. Nakakaloka ka! But I am not the one to judge...

    Welcome back.