Thursday, June 26, 2014

M Said...

Hindi mo siguro naiintidihan yung "andito lang ako."
Ibig sabihin nun - anuman ang mangyari, hindi ako aalis - hindi kita iiwan.
Masasaktan mo ako at masasaktan din kita.
Pero ganoon talaga.
At least, may isang taong hindi mawawala sayo.

Friday, June 20, 2014

SHE Said...

You just do - you survive these things. 
Either you were really built for it 
or you have developed a body mechanism to just bounce-back after all the sh*t that you go through. 
Just look at you - alive and all. 
You are built for pain K.
And I'm sorry - I'm sorry for HE.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

I Was...

I was the one that tried to understand you - albeit your complications.

I accepted all of you despite the questions I had.

I swallowed my pride for you.

I gave up on people to be with you.

I practically restructured my moral fibers for you.

I trusted your words.

I denied your lies.

I believed in you - more than you did yourself.

I was your number one fan.

I tolerated all your antics.

I was forgiving- every single time.

I was all you wanted me to be.

I was the good guy.

And I loved you.

Yes I did.

And you - you threw all that away.

For what?

Cheap thrills?

A tighter *ss?

Some perks you needed?

You have not changed like you said.

You are still the same self-serving, boy-hopping, insecure little man that you always were.

Boy oh boy!

You do have a way with words and you almost had me again.

But I'm not covering up for you this time.

I will not be your security blanket.

Your ego boost.

You don't deserve it.

You don't deserve to hurt a good guy again.

And you haven't deserved ME a long time ago.

So why don't you stick your finger up your *ss and go f*ck yourself.

Because that's what you are - a self-f*cker.

You are a mess.

So do the world a favor and fix your life first.

Stop messing with mine.

Besides, you have loads of takers - don't you?

Go to them.

Be with them.

Just get the hell out of my life.


HE and J are still together. And so is HE and another person from his province. And god knows who else.

And the nerve of HE to - argh!

I am just glad I didn't believe HE (again) this time.

Gawd! When will this end!

I wish I could drink some serum to erase every single memory I have of HE.

You d*ckhead!