Thursday, June 5, 2014

I Was...

I was the one that tried to understand you - albeit your complications.

I accepted all of you despite the questions I had.

I swallowed my pride for you.

I gave up on people to be with you.

I practically restructured my moral fibers for you.

I trusted your words.

I denied your lies.

I believed in you - more than you did yourself.

I was your number one fan.

I tolerated all your antics.

I was forgiving- every single time.

I was all you wanted me to be.

I was the good guy.

And I loved you.

Yes I did.

And you - you threw all that away.

For what?

Cheap thrills?

A tighter *ss?

Some perks you needed?

You have not changed like you said.

You are still the same self-serving, boy-hopping, insecure little man that you always were.

Boy oh boy!

You do have a way with words and you almost had me again.

But I'm not covering up for you this time.

I will not be your security blanket.

Your ego boost.

You don't deserve it.

You don't deserve to hurt a good guy again.

And you haven't deserved ME a long time ago.

So why don't you stick your finger up your *ss and go f*ck yourself.

Because that's what you are - a self-f*cker.

You are a mess.

So do the world a favor and fix your life first.

Stop messing with mine.

Besides, you have loads of takers - don't you?

Go to them.

Be with them.

Just get the hell out of my life.


HE and J are still together. And so is HE and another person from his province. And god knows who else.

And the nerve of HE to - argh!

I am just glad I didn't believe HE (again) this time.

Gawd! When will this end!

I wish I could drink some serum to erase every single memory I have of HE.

You d*ckhead!


  1. You should listen to your own good advise.

    I'm happy that you're finally angry and you're not sad. You're finally realizing your worth.

    I wonder if SHE knows. Have you talked to SHE? I'm always amazed with your relationship with SHE. I'm sure SHE is undergoing through it all.

    I'm angry with HE as well. I never understood cheaters. Biologically speaking, men are vulnerable to it. But that doesn't mean we cannot choose to be faithful.

    1. SHE's wonderful - more than I could ever be.

      And yes to choosing to be faithful. :)

  2. Wow this is how I sort of feel right now

    1. Yikes - I hope you two sort it out - I know you can.

  3. HE might like some assistance shoving himself up his arse :)

    1. O gawd - I would like to see someone do it for him. :)