Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Never Done...

I am cooking tonight - I am excited to cook. 

I rushed from work to the grocery then headed straight home - I wanted everything okay when M arrives. It's adobong kangkong for dinner as requested. 

I prepped the food to my standard and the rice was cooked just before M arrives. In 20 minutes the food was ready, just enough time as M was still finishing the news. I set the table, put food and called M. 

He loved it! I am satisfied.

After finishing that one teleserye he watches, he moves to the bedroom to sleep - I was on to the dishes. When the kitchen was clear, I cleaned myself for sleep. I was careful in sneaking into the bedroom as I didn't want to wake him.

When I got there, the laundry was still on the bed (on my side) and it's begging to be folded. With just the light from my cell phone, I folded them all neatly and tucked them in my closet. I looked at M - almost with disappointment. 

I did the dinner and the whole other gamut of things that goes with preparing dinner. Didn't he see the laundry?

That night, I slept with my back away from M. 

But then I thought, there is no room now for complaints. There is still that big presentation at work in the morning, that new lesson that needs to be taught in class and that class field trip for the other class to think of the next day. 

And there's dinner to cook again too.

Work is never done.


  1. Right! Don't bother yourself with such small trifles like him not folding the laundry. He must have been tired or something that evening. Eat more "pacencia" biscuits hihihi!

  2. Ah, you are very lucky...A man who loves you for who you are, a house to sleep in every night, a person to share that house everyday.

    You...are still lucky.

    1. Thank you for making me see this. :)

  3. Maybe he was just too tired. Don't make it a big deal honey :)

  4. House chores is the new zen garden. Discover.

    1. Hahaha. I will try to - discover that is.