Thursday, September 26, 2013

On Violence Against Gays (1)...


In a group orgy of about 5 men, 1 was eyeing 2.

And in any group orgy of about 5 men, there is always an odd-gay-out - that's 5.

3 & 4 started getting it on.

2 went down on 1.

1 was about to cum when 2 went in for a kiss and 5 went in to s*ck 1's member.

1 had no desire for 5 and in fact have denied him access to him the whole orgy time (up until that time).

Preferences - that was a clear rule in the orgy. No one forces himself to anyone - whether to give or to receive.

But like the same situations before: andiyan na, lalabas na at napaubuya mo na lang kahit hindi mo gusto.



1 & 2 are office mates.

1 is openly gay.

2 is discreet like i-haven't-accepted-myself-yet-as-gay-but-i-am-willing-to-have-sex-with-you

On a drunken birthday night, 1 & 2 found themselves lying next to each other.

1 searched for 2's member, 2 willingly obliged.

They had one intense f*ck-session.

Only 2 came.

"Ang dumi mo p*tang ina mo - ginamit mo pa ako." 2 suddenly said after dressing up. "Kapag inulit mo pa ito, makatikim ka talaga ng hinahanap mo - bakal ka!." 2 continued.

1 enjoyed every bit of the moment and he feels like what 2 just said is to emancipate himself from the "gay" act that just happened.



1 & 2 are partners.

They would have been partners for five years this year.

1 has always been promiscuous - having affairs every now and then.

2 tolerated it - he made himself to think that he was not enough and that it was "normal" to have affairs in gay relationships.

2 was always conscious that he looks good for 1, that he took care of 1, that 1 should always have the upper hand in everything.

And when times came that 1 wanted to live with someone else, 2 would not object and would wait until 1 decides to come back to him.


Question: Which of the three cases would fall under Violence Against Gays (VAG)?


  1. Case #2, I guess. Verbal abuse from a hypocrite?

  2. What is the meaning of violence in this context in the first place?

    In my perspective, number 2. I believe number 1 is a case of preference. Number 3 on the other hand happens in all kinds of relationships. Number 2, he was verbally abused for being gay as he have said.

  3. Posted a Part 2. How would you answer the cases?